Another Dommelette Wallpaper

"World Domination"
All own work! Click to open high resolution picture and click Use as Background or Save As.
Pro Bono!

The Crack Up

"The Crack Up," fondly referred to by its devotees as "Not Franks". A place where the new anti-life force is burning through like an invisible smog.
The Crack up is turning self destruction into Art.  Our avant garde venue gathers together tea heads, artists. d├ębutantes, "Johns", joy bangers, rowdy jazz musicians, lost children, croakers, fashionistas, dark ecology elergists, and ragtime riff-raff.
Live music events, Junk DJ's and main line fashion puppeteers. We are galvanized into hideous activity, the Crack Up is for avatars with charm and talent to burn, whose gaiety and genius make them a living symbol of the Second Life.
Roaring, rambunctious and lush  —  with its exquisite decadence, controlled eroticism and subdued magick, this is the slickest avant garde joint in Second Life!  Freudian death instincts prevail.
George Bataille remarked that "everything is profoundly cracked". In F. Scott Fitzgerald's essay by the same name he began "Of course all life is a process of breaking down .... " Prove it.
The middle class is getting the squeeze and only one in ten thousand is going up."

Preppy! Right?

Has two of my favorite creators combined, Bryn Oh and Rose Borchovski. Beautiful.
Is that Anthony Anderson? Nuu, it's Clement! (d-lish pixel guy)
Live acts and DJ's coming up soon! Go visit here!


Contest: Does size matter?

Bought me a petite avatar some time ago, and today I bought her some hair and wings etc. They are so cute and SL kind of looks different when that small. So yes, size makes a difference *winky wink*
Can a little fairy like that be erotic for a normal sized man?
I asked Long John the dentist, he did not fall for this size. But take a look at it from a different perspective, this picture is the beginning of a story... your mighty throbbing organ and a little naughty fairy... you imagine the rest, write it down in notecard and drop on my profile.
The best story gets 1000L$ and a virtual flesh-light from your dommelette.


The man behind the SL sub revealed!

It took forever, but here are the results!
Your dommelette has figured out who hides behind the buffgasmic pixels in our virtual space:

He is betweem 18-30 and is in a fairly happy and satisfying real life relationship. He never had a D/s relationship in rl but fantasizes about it since his early teens. He considers himself a submissive, but only in a sexual way, he loves bondage and ass play. 
He joined SL for the sex and has several short term relationships. He prefers not to share his rl and has no problem to lie about it if he has to. 
Most of the time he wants sex in SL and he will masturbate in rl, hoping his virtual Mistress does the same. He loves her a little and does not want to meet her in rl. 
He considers his SL to be almost real, but never talks about it to anyone in his rl.
He agrees SL to be much better than porn.

This is a profile made on the most given answers and it looks pretty accurate to me. Of course not every sub in SL is the same, I had a wide variety on answers so go ahead and read the detailed results here

For a good laugh read Mr.Huff's who peeled himself away from his Euro 2012 soccer stuff to answer my survey. Thank you, doggie. Muah!

Thank you all who participated, thank you for your honesty, your time and effort!
Hugs! Next month I will do one for the Dommes...



all dat d-lish ass at the same time!


Kami Tora

I found Kami Tora (Paper Tiger) on imagefap, he produces a wide variety of beautiful artwork. He covers subjects such as spanking, bondage and of course femdom. A lot of his femdom illustrations tend to have mostly teasing and denial, along with some fairly serious punishment and anal play.
And you all know how much I like that. Nahm nahm nahm!
What I love the most is that he portrays his dommelettes happy and smiling at the torments they are inflicting. No evil eye scowling mistresses.
You can visit his website and read an interview with him here.


Your canvas

My mound of Venus
My soft pink and bald
The folds of my labia
The aching want of my inside
Paint and write
with your tongue
All over me

by Lotti

Vulture Capitalists

3-part unedited interview with Edward Conard (Bain Capital) - Part 2 - Part 3
For Jon Stewart: swag!
That the system in the US became crapage and screws over the little peeps like you and me We knew for a while now, right? (yesh, your dommelette reads), but... the way this guy talks about Europe and Japan just hits a nerve. If I could grab him through my pc screen I would staple his dick to the floor.

The only thing the US is a better at at this time is being perfect soil for vultures like Conard and Romney. Just take a good look at the chards on health care, life expectation, education, prosperity and overall wellness, the US comes up with some poor results.
On top of that many of the US innovations that Mr. Conard is so proud of would simply not exist without the H1B.


Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Contest (lulz)

"Justin Bieber is holding a contest wherein fans make their own video version of his song “Boyfriend,” and the winners’ entries will be featured in Bieber’s upcoming NBC special. The songs submitted are pretty much what you’d expect — girls taking the serious route, trying in earnest to win. There’s one response, though, that’s far and away the greatest thing that has happened on the Internet in a while. Contest winners will be announced June 21, and there’s almost no way the above entry will win, but it won the Internet, so everything’s alright. Check out some of our favorite moments from the video below.
It’s pretty obvious the video is intentionally comical, but the best part about the video — aside from the girl’s genuinely funny lyrics and acting skill — is that she is quite clearly aware that she’s coming off as inherently creepy, and played to that. She is absolutely spot on with everything she does with her eyes throughout the video, and the intro and outro stares are nothing short of classic. When she somewhat loses herself from 1:07 to 1:18, it’s just the icing on the creepy cake."
quoted from geeksystem.com 

                                                She has it!

End of Time

"Explore, relax, row a boat, dance, make love. Safe. Totally free. This parcel is just a part our 3-sim estate. All three sims are open to you. See Eotia for more information"

I found there my favorite spot to dream and write... Go and find yours here


Antony & The Johnsons - Rise

Yes Captain Nipplehair, for once we are new-agey! But the combination of this song with the stunning clips of the Australian coral reefs from artist Lynette Wallworth result in breathtaking b e a u t y.
You, Goddesses, live in femdom sims in SL and God, he lives under the sea :)
Listen da words, peeps, see...


Isaac's Proposal

How sweet and perfect... Found this on vimeo, think it will go viral!



The Adventurous Italian Aviator pt 4

I open my eyes, his face is close to mine. His breath caresses mine. I can smell him, smell us. Sleeping he looks young and innocent. My eyes slowly travel over his forehead, eyebrows, the bridge of his perfect nose, the curve of his full lips.
I want to kiss him again but I don't.

  Quietly I get up, a sore and throbbing, wet feeling between my legs, the reminder of his revenge. My shorts and shirt are useless, cut to pieces so I grab his shirt and pull it over my head, good enough, my ass is covered. I find his car keys in his pants and walk away, leaving him on the grass, sleeping and naked.
The sun sets, the sky is layered in the most lusty oranges. I park the car a bit further so my parents don't hear me arrive and sneak into the house. In the bathroom I get the water running, fill the tub, hold his shirt against my face, dip my finger against my pussy lips and hold it under my nose. His scent.
The warmth of the water envelops me, I close my eyes and fantasize what he will do when he wakes up. No car, no shirt... just his shorts and a long walk ahead.



Dommelette Wallpaper

This is a themed wallpaper for your desktop I made today...  "Stare the moon into submission"
I made from scratch so it's all my work, free for you to use...
(to use it as your wallpaper click the picture so it opens the high resolution one and right-click save or set as background)