Zombie Ranch.

One guy gave me a landmark to Bondage Ranch, as it shows up frequently in profiles too, I decided to check it out. The only thing there that could remind of a ranch is the grass. It's basically a square with a mall around it and many advertising boards, one get smothered here with what we define as ugly in our virtual space. But hey, many of that in SL, why not.
What is interesting here is that his laggy strip of pixels has so many avatars standing around, not dancing, not chatting, no hi or hello, just a collective staring contest.
This is SL stripped of all romantic fringe, cutenessy and fun. 
Connecting in the fastest and most superficial way. If you have no money to update your avi, no skills to socialize, rejected by everyone and his dog, this is your place to meet other desperate wanna-get-off-now people.