XXX The aviator awakes... by Domani

This story is written by the aviator (Domani in SL) as a reply to the naughty adventures I wrote about him. This d-lish piece of a man is talented in  m a n y  ways. Nod nod. It's why he is my virtual husband. Of course. As you will read (and experience) here, he goes way too far with the dommelette...  
Although he had my daisy blooming with his story, I will have to punish him severely (in a very pleasurable way) Look out for my response, but for now... "Oh cum all ye faithful...."

My eyes open to rays of such sumptuous light. It pours into my bedroom through the white silken curtains adorning the windows at the head of my bed. I follow it as it dances over the tossed sheets. In a few moments my mind opens and reminds me of what seems a dream. I stare with wide eyes at the ceiling, acutely aware of the beauty of the rays passing magically through the air. Her unique and captivating voice returns to my mind. I hear her whisper, "But you like that, don't you, aviator?" My body actually shutters. This was no dream! Rubbing my hands around my wrists I feel the twinge of rope burn. I look down at my ankles and see the reddened skin the rope has marked. Visions of her above me, in the light of the early morning moon race through my brain. My head aches from too much liquor. Just who is this woman? What has she done to me? I feel the stiffness of my cock and a twinge of pain on my cockhead, as I look down to see how reddish purple it is. She did it, didn’t she? I can’t believe it. She took over my room, my bed, my body and my mind. Part of me is dumbfounded. Part of me is angry. Part of me is amazed. But the bigger part of me is drawn to her like steel to a strong magnet, though I don’t want to admit this to myself. As my senses awake, my mind feels her sitting over my face. I smell her on my upper lip. I lick my lip with my tongue and still taste her: such a distinct smell and taste. Intoxicating. She did this. She really did this!

I look and feel around the sheets…oh no, they are laced with the crust of my once hot and creamy cum. How embarrassing! I am a guest in this home, and my cum is all over these sheets!