"xrenderer is one of the finer femdom artists working in the 3D rendering style. His pictures have a softer, delicate and more organic feel than is typically found in these kind of computer generated images. And he has an excellent eye for composing an interesting scene, using enough detail and subtle touches to make it realistic while still keeping the focus on the central mistress/slave interaction."
Watch more of his images here


Your hands are tied behind your back.
Use your nose to sweep it to the side
and put your tongue inside me.


Solelua Beach

Summer arrived where I live, the sun draws thousands of freckles on my face, no reason to be inside, but because I know you are returning to my little web I want to keep posting so I logged in SL and decided to find a good beach sim to blog about... There is a lot out there, most very commercial, then I landed here, looks great and on top of that nice people just sitting in the sand chatting... almost "real" (winky wink). You can surf, fish, get a tan, hang out and make new friends. Solelua Beach is the perfect spot for it. Visit here...


The fruit of my mouth

Made this with picture of my tongue in Photoshop, the poem I found on the interwebz.
The tongue has no shame.
It has spoken thousands of words,
tasted forbidden fruit,
dipped into ecstasy,
provided silken swirls of pleasure.
Not particularly attractive,
a hidden surprise,
seldom revealed...
and only to a favored few.

Cheryl Williams


Don't vote for Mr. Greed, please

I am not an American, I can't vote for your president (yet, the us and a as a super power influences world politics, so it is important for Europe), I agree with all said about President Obama. He did not make it happen... but give him some credit, he inherited a giant mess of a country, he deserves another 4 years.
Mitt Romney is born a millionaire, has no notion of reality, how complicated life is for John and Jane Doe, he is valued at 450.000 million dollars and we all know that greed is part of the capitalist system but some of his bling is just plain criminal.
If you see what that man has done over the past decades to enrich himself, just imagine what he will do at the White House. Here 1 example:

NO Romney for president, please!

Ambrosia of the Gods

  Feather-light glances
Brush my bare skin
Igniting shivers of desire
The taste of her lips on my tongue
Though we’re yet to touch

Barely inches apart

The tease only surpassed
By tender fingertips whispering
Fire into my electrified nerves
Arching blue beneath my skin
Ambrosia of the Gods in my veins

© Indie Adams 2012


Chop, chop, chop... boom!

"Wield divine powers and the capability for true flight in an epic celestial war to restore balance to a vast, beautiful world shattered by cataclysm."

This is the game I play with my hubby... if you like to battle the fieriest enemies, pvp, kill the biggest dragon e-vah, make yourself an account here (download and make character on server Siel- Elyos faction, then dl the game ff) and come play with the dommelette. It's free, it's fun and a great way to show your skills and impress me :P
( one of the dragons looks like the head VT-Troll, I mean Duchess, very scewry, I promise!)


EmmaS Femdom Art

EmmaS creates fairly extreme femdom images in a CGI style. Some of her common themes are: Surgical modification, forced sex-changes, heavy whipping/caning, predicament bondage, slavery and torture. The quality and detail in the images themselves are not to the same level as xrenderer, but the sheer number of images and the imaginative torments on display go a long way to make up for that.
Gallery with her work here 


Transit of Venus

This morning I had an astronomer sitting in one of my traps, even though he was mesmerized by my phallus necklace we had a nice and interesting conversation. This is the part I want you guys to know:
The transit of Venus.

Fascinating.. Happens on June 5–6 and you better try to watch it now because next time is December 2117. Read more here...

Lost Gardens of Thera

"Located beneath the waters off the beautiful, romantic Island of Armenelos is a vast, unique underwater world."
Visit here 



XXX The aviator awakes... by Domani

This story is written by the aviator (Domani in SL) as a reply to the naughty adventures I wrote about him. This d-lish piece of a man is talented in  m a n y  ways. Nod nod. It's why he is my virtual husband. Of course. As you will read (and experience) here, he goes way too far with the dommelette...  
Although he had my daisy blooming with his story, I will have to punish him severely (in a very pleasurable way) Look out for my response, but for now... "Oh cum all ye faithful...."

My eyes open to rays of such sumptuous light. It pours into my bedroom through the white silken curtains adorning the windows at the head of my bed. I follow it as it dances over the tossed sheets. In a few moments my mind opens and reminds me of what seems a dream. I stare with wide eyes at the ceiling, acutely aware of the beauty of the rays passing magically through the air. Her unique and captivating voice returns to my mind. I hear her whisper, "But you like that, don't you, aviator?" My body actually shutters. This was no dream! Rubbing my hands around my wrists I feel the twinge of rope burn. I look down at my ankles and see the reddened skin the rope has marked. Visions of her above me, in the light of the early morning moon race through my brain. My head aches from too much liquor. Just who is this woman? What has she done to me? I feel the stiffness of my cock and a twinge of pain on my cockhead, as I look down to see how reddish purple it is. She did it, didn’t she? I can’t believe it. She took over my room, my bed, my body and my mind. Part of me is dumbfounded. Part of me is angry. Part of me is amazed. But the bigger part of me is drawn to her like steel to a strong magnet, though I don’t want to admit this to myself. As my senses awake, my mind feels her sitting over my face. I smell her on my upper lip. I lick my lip with my tongue and still taste her: such a distinct smell and taste. Intoxicating. She did this. She really did this!

I look and feel around the sheets…oh no, they are laced with the crust of my once hot and creamy cum. How embarrassing! I am a guest in this home, and my cum is all over these sheets!  


SL Profile Translated

This does not apply to real world conversations in D/s relationships, this just applies to the theater of absurd: Second Life. Based solely on my own observations in virtual space, I love to read profiles and people, sometimes we learn a lot more being silent and listening than talking. 
Meant as funny, not to offend anyone, but a lot of truth in this joking *winky wink*
Pink is the translation.

- I am taken, my heart and body only belong to him/her, stay away bitches!
  Yes, I got something going right now, but don't let that stop you, I am a multi-tasker.
- No drama! Stay away with your drama! I hate drama.
  I cause a lot of drama, I am a drama queen and I will blame anyone except myself.
- No fakes, no liars
  I don't trust anyone, not even myself. Why can't people be real in SL? Wait, I am not real either, help!
- I am cute, sweet, intelligent, funny, pain in the ass, adorable (insert more, you know them)
  I am full of shit and fat and ugly in rl.
- I am a bitch, you don't like it leave it, I am your nightmare, hell doesn't want me.
  My case of bipolar disorder is considered "severe"
- SL is real for me and what happens here is rl for me
  I am a smelly breath-stalker and after we partner I consider you my rl wife/husband
- I am looking for the love of my life, I am a good girl.
  Being with me is painfully boring and it will take a million of love poems and promises   before you get off
- I want to devote myself totally to my only one Master/Mistress
  See that chain on my collar, I will make your second life miserable and choke you.
- I am a submissive and this is my disclaimer, my rules, my limits.
  I am a little, insecure and demanding princess and you will do as I say, Master/Mistress!
- I found the love of my life and we are married happily and have many prim babies
  I am slightly delusional and hopelessly romantic but you get to sit on poseballs a lot to make me virtually pregnant 
- I am a Goddess and you will call me so and kneel to worship me.
  I am a desperate housewife, my husband left me for a cheerleader, my genitals are numb and so is my brain.
- If you harm my friends I will haunt you and get back to you.
 Just trying to be good friends, I am totally aware I can't haunt or hurt you in this shithole.
- I am a dominant male and live my D/s relationships strict, only true submissive can apply
 My rl wife hits me.
- Disclaimer, all IM and chat will be logged and used, according to the ToS bla bla bla
  I am an idiot.


New Movie: Infinity

I made this movie because I love the song, VNV Nation- Nova, the voice of the singer is so overwhelminglish similar to Domani's voice and I loveeee it (but I also love Domani). Lots!
And the footage is a mix & match from stuff I have on my hd. Love scene with Sookie & Eric (Trueblood) SO made for my own pleasure. Yes. And a bit for the aviator (because he is writing a response to my aviator porn and it's sizzly hawt. Will post this week.

                                                       I love you, Domani


You feel with what your fingertips
would brush, with cocked brow
ravishing over painted lips.

You feel with what your gazing eyes
would see, with stolen glances
among the starlit skies.

It was you, at every turn,
with your soft heated breath,
  inflames desire in which I yearn.

It was you, beneath the night
skies, who molded flesh against
flesh, becoming my guiding light. 

(written by someone named Pam on the interwebz)

Noweeta Grassland

Feel the grass tickle your legs in this retreat from your retreat. Hitch a ride on a balloon to see through the eyes of clouds drifting across the grass. Noweeta Grassland is a good place to find new friends while exploring an amazing landscape.


Zombie Ranch.

One guy gave me a landmark to Bondage Ranch, as it shows up frequently in profiles too, I decided to check it out. The only thing there that could remind of a ranch is the grass. It's basically a square with a mall around it and many advertising boards, one get smothered here with what we define as ugly in our virtual space. But hey, many of that in SL, why not.
What is interesting here is that his laggy strip of pixels has so many avatars standing around, not dancing, not chatting, no hi or hello, just a collective staring contest.
This is SL stripped of all romantic fringe, cutenessy and fun. 
Connecting in the fastest and most superficial way. If you have no money to update your avi, no skills to socialize, rejected by everyone and his dog, this is your place to meet other desperate wanna-get-off-now people.

Kill the babysitter

A friend of mine sent me this notecard after receiving the one I sent to explain I plan to shorten the time I spend in SL, his SL name is Xavieriss Capalini, a sympathetic, smart and very nice man, and as you can read here, a talented writer :)

Wow...getting truths you don't want to get is maybe the more difficult thing that we can live in our lives.
For hey, what is the most ugly thing we can see in a mirror ? Ourselves.

"I wish I would have that eyes, that body, that brain...but I am just that thing in the mirror".

This is at what you spend your life on...Measuring. Striving for more. Getting better. Handle the efforts to have a better life, a better job, a better look, a better lover, a better feel.

And you get into SL.

Wow again I can have everything I want here ! Sooo nice ! So much shiny ! Look how I am pretty ! Look at my huge house, and my beautiful friends. And  I can fuck anyone, anytime, anyway, in public, to my house, run after them to hunt them and rape them, and all seems to be normal and permitted !

HEAVEN ! I FOUND HEAVEN ! I don't have to fight anymore ! I don't have to work on it anymore ! A credit card number, some time for spending it all, and I can be the most fabulous creature that SL holds !
HEAVEN ! I FOUND HEAVEN ! Now I'll let my brain rest, speak, enjoy ! I'll get endless pleasures, I am going to make them all, at my feet, servicing me, servicing them, I don't care, I'll try them all !
HEAVEN! I FOUND HEA......*The screen is turning black*

Silence. Missing the sound of the cooling fans of the tower. Silence. A chair. A body. A smile. Sad smile. A sigh. Wet panties. Lot of images in the head. Thinking of them already. "Oh blackbull74 is such a kinky man.  I wish I could have one like that in my bed RL. I wish that could be real....I wish...I..."

Back to earth.  Oh not. Not now.  I want some again. My body is burning, and I feel it again. I can't. I need some more...
Voooooom....fans are back on again....Oh great, I get the login screen again, I can't wait....I hardly can stay still on my chair..."Pre-caching" !!! Yes yes I am getting in !
HEAVEN ! I AM BACK IN HEAVEN ! Now let me see who is on....Oh that one yes, I am going to be fucked by that one, I love when she kick the shit out of me ! Grrrr I am so kinky, I love it...let me see what dress I can put on...

Oh my poor little girl, I love it when I see you like that. You are so happy in your dream.  This dream is wonderful isn't it ? So true. So right. So.....everything...Why do we have still to eat and work ? This is so unfair. Download me in scotty, please.
You can't be downloaded baby. If it would require from me to open large scars on my RL skin, to get you downloaded in, I would do it for you. Just to see you in heaven. Again. And again. For ever. Immortality. Resting only on downtimes. In a box. In the dark. Relieved.

The screen is black again. And heart and fingers are hurting. You'll have to cope again. Partner, worried one, who is not with you in your paradise. That made some gap between you two since you play your life here. She seems so far away....Why doesn't she want to follow you in heaven ? Why ? For she is rather more in Hell. She waits for you. Hours. Days. To cross Hell with you. She needs you baby. She can feel so alone.

Oh right, no, you are not that evil. You do log off to hug her, most of the time. A lot of hours. She gets the most of it.
Wrong baby. You wait to come back on. You do wait for it. You are just being patient. You do give her smiles, loves, cares, fucks. All that she should require....But....
SL is stealing some of your smiles from her. The best and the largest that she could have seen on your face, baby. When you are so happy, she knows that you get a good time....with somebody else. You are such a cheater for her. But she loves you so much. She handles it. She would handle Hell for you. And she is. She is not allowed in your Paradise. You kicked her out.

There must be something to do....You don't want to lose her, do you ? Oh sure, you'll get more time for your paradise....but someday....then fan of the tower will not make you the same effect.
You are addicted baby. You are a fucking junkie....
But you don't want to go on cure....But....Oh ! Yes I met one ! That guy.
That jerk that wanted me to be less here, to Discipline and stuffs, "Get less to get more" and all his bullshit...I am here to play pal, to have fun, to live in paradise, not follow you godamn never ending lessons of what I may fuck or not ! Shit who is that guy, what does he want ? ....What...a....oh....well...shit.....

Ok...fewer orgasms and better ones...that should be interesting anyway. And I am late for shopping anyway...well...and he says I could then get better ones RL too ? Bullshi....Oh...might be...look at my panties...fuck.....He is...evilly good.
Alright, I have to log off anyway...He'll wait. And I still have to meet Mistress Kinky tonight. I love her. She is sooo...."Honey ? Are you ok ? Hang on, I am coming....I love you honey...yes...yes....I'll be there soon, ok ? Yes I know, not too late...I know you want a hug , I know...just some stuffs to send to friends and I am here, ok ? Good. See you later love"

Stop it. Now. Kill the babysitter. I'll help you to have a good  fuck with her just before.