The Turning Point

This has been a weird day.
First I took part in a discussion at Gateway, getting again deeply annoyed by the crowd refusing to differentiate Second Life and real life. Always the same strong reluctance to face the fact that they are not the same. Nice people with perfect working brains just willingly blind for what is happening.
And me, I am one of them.
In real life I am embarrassed to tell my friends I spent my weekend in Second Life, they don't understand. No words to defend it, and then I voice their words in my virtual space upsetting my virtual friends by crashing their carefully built up illusions, unable to tear down my own air castle.
My theater of the absurd, as I lovingly named it.
My hubby rented a documentary tonight, wanting us to watch it together.
Of course I wanted that, not aware he wanted to give me a strong message.
The documentary was Life 2.0:
This feature-length documentary follows a group of people whose lives are dramatically transformed by Second Life -- reshaping relationships, identities, and ultimately the very notion of reality.
You can rent it in iTunes or watch here
(movie is on PutLocker, wait a few seconds and click Free Viewer, then play, not HD one, make sure pop-up blocker is on)
I have always thought of myself as not involved and not addicted and totally aware of my real life and reality. This docu was like a session hammering reality in my forehead. I am shocked.
The guy who plays Ayya could have been me... Listening him say he is in SL to let out things he can't in rl, making his point how it helps him while his life is crumbling away around him.
Time for me to reorganize both my SL and my rl, set my priorities right. Live!