Pretty Boy- 101

Alrighty then. 
Let's put an end to this eye-bleed inducing situation. Now.
Being a submissive means putting all your needs and wants aside for my pleasure. This, precious twatburgers, means also the hottery.  IOW if you want to please me, start with pleasing my eyeballs.
Oh yes. I can hear the little objections squirt out of your unwilling pixel mouths, but I am done with your ugly trespassing my little, perfect fantasy.
I am not asking you to work out 24/7 and live on egg whites in real life, am I? 
For the price of a MacDo meal you can transform into a modelicious lickable plaything. You can't afford 10 lousy dollars to buy some Lindens? (Stop clogging my bandwidth with your ugly free wig, log out and watch free porn)  
Go beg your mother or wife for her credit card. What can be more submissive than that? 

So here a step by step guide to find your buffgasmic pixelated self:
First buy a good shape/skin (preferably modifiable), full avatar boxes from Zyra, Sammy Firehawk and Body & Soul are good examples to get a good start for little money... if you want to spoil yourself (you want it), I really love the shapes and skins from Bohemian Style.
Ok. Now be aware most shapemakers make their shapes huge and super-buffed. Some of us get wet and happy of that but this dommelette prefers the more lean and toned man-bacon.
So make a copy of your new shape and open up appearance and start playing those sliders, adjust your height, get rid of some body thick and torso/leg muscles, make the shoulders less wide, make sure your arms are not too short (many shapes are freaking t-rex).
If this is all too complicated for you, call me, I will help you! 
Wear your new skin, check if the shape of your body matches the look and shadowing of the skin... 

Now hair... don't wear the ugly wigs that come with your shape, look for short and half long hair Dura, for long hair use the mesh hair from Wasabi Pills, make sure you use the hair color that matches the body hair of your skin, adjust the size of the hair to your head. 

If you really truly are all and only about my pleasure, the next thing missing is sculpt or mesh feet... click here, the default feet are ultra creepiness and since you gonna be naked a lot. Make sure you adjust the color to match your skin. 

Now your favorite bodypart: your precious cock, nooo, you can't sizzle me hot with a huge-free-tumor-looking dick, let it cost something, buy something yammi lusty looking!
I am not into clicking bodyparts but Xcite has a wide assortment of beautiful penises. Now there are also a few great mesh ones available, like Royal and Aeros Cock Nemo. Same as with your feet, adjust the color to match your skin as close as possible, do not oversize, I know your dick in rl is humongous, just make sure it can fit inside a pixel head or ass, unless cockhead flashing through the back of your Missy's head gets you off.

Time to get you dressed now, first decide what kind of style you would like to wear and start shopping. For men, shops like Hoorenbeek, now have great mesh clothing, Sey, Grasp, Kal Rau have nice casual stuff. You can shop different outfits for different occasions and surprise your Mistress with your style. Same for your shoes... Wear your new clothing and save the outfits so you can easily swap between them.

Now you can choose to add a tattoo and some jewelry, a nice collar... 
Buy a nice Animation Overrider. Oracul has very nice and smooth ones for very little money!

A few last tips: Avoid particles and/or bling on your clothing/jewelry, have nothing set to Full bright (it's retardish), do not wear facelights (even more retardish). Make sure you wear the right clothing layers and alpha layers in the folders of your outfits.

Now you are all buffed, groomed and de-lish, make time to take a snapshot of your new looks for your profile, write some nice things about yourself (No, not "I don't bite!", be a bit creative!).

Ok. Mr. Submissive, watch your IM box being smothered with the creme de la femdom trying to hook you, chasing your new cute ass, enjoy the feeling of being flavor of the month! Try some dirteh looks, be a brat and make sure none of those mumsy femdoms uses you as a doormat (do not let any of those menopausal, incontinent bitches pee on you, that is not sex, RUN!)
Kneel only for the one YOU want to submit to, tell the rest to go fuck themselves with their own dildo. 
Come say hello to me and show off da sexay!  *enables her RLV traps*