The Peen Shot

Over the last two months of her short life my avatar has collected a nice variety of cockage pictures.
Now I get these most of the time without asking, so they unleash the kraken on my screen uninvited (I don't mind, keep sending!), some men do ask and since I am such a warm, caring personality how could I refuse being digitally flashed with da mighty boner, right?
How do I react to pictures like that? Mostly Haha and LOL... (no, my crotch does not start spraying), since I do not even know most of those men I have no idea what reaction they expect...

This needs some thorough investigation and analyzing... The how and why of the peen shot...

So first I collect some scientific facts (the truth and nothing but the truth!):
Do women get aroused by genital pictures? 
Interestingly, we women are in fact visual when it comes to sex, we respond to all kinds of sexual images in a physiologically way, even when we think we don't feel any form of arousal. 
Eye tracking studies have shown that when presented with sexually explicit images, men spend the most time looking at female faces, while women who weren’t on birth control looked first, and longest, at genitals. So...
(watch the increase in tweeted cock pics!)

Now why does a man send pictures of his cock to someone on the interwebz?

I decided to interview a guy who enlightened my evening with 4 penis close-ups, I keep his identity hidden because I did not ask him if I could blog this, his avatar is owned by another Mistress and since it is almost Easter... 

Him: Are you back, that was fast, Miss
Me: lol, yes. Hey can I ask you some questions about something I am curious about?
Him: depends :P 
Me: Your cock pictures...
Him: O.o
Me: /me chuckles
Me: I want to learn, to know what drives you to send me that, what you expect me to feel or how to react.
Him: Miss, it was a joke
Me: So you send me 4 pictures of your erection as a joke? :/

(5 minutes pass with no answer... No idea if he is busy or just finds this interview rather awkward)
and then surprisingly this:

Him: tbh Miss, I sent you hoping it would make you horny
Me: You really thought looking at those pictures would make me horny? Why?
Him: Yes
Him: I think my cock looks great, Miss, it makes women horny all the time.
Me: Oh! They tell you that? What reactions do you get?
Him: Yes, Miss
Him: They want to blow me, Miss or fuck me
Him: They say nice things about my cock
Me: Out of the blue you drop those pictures on them and they want to do that with you?
Him: Not all, Miss, but some yes
Me:Why do you make pictures of your own cock?
Him: Because I can?
Me: What are you thinking, you get aroused and : "This looks awesome, let me take some pics!" ?
Him: LOL
Him: When men get horny they get into a different state of mind, Miss, we just get fascinated and I share with you hoping you be fascinated and horny too
Me: Are you not thinking about the consequences? Like some woman get traumatized and reports you, or tells your Mistress?
Him: I only send to women I know will like it, Miss
Me: Really
Me: Why do you think I like cock pictures???
Him: Because of your blog, Miss, the porn, I think you like cocks
Me: ...
Him: LOL
Me: I do, but not just any cock, *******
Me: I like to pick the cock I like myself, sweety pie
Him: You like mine Miss?
Me: Because you are a nice guy, *******, I will admit I think your penis is one of the finest I layed eyes on! But it does not mean it makes me horny!

(8 minutes pass with no answer... and then a texture unfolds on my screen, again I am looking his peen right in the eye)

Me: /me laughs
Him: I am masturbating, Miss, tp me, let me kneel and lick your boots
Me: Ok, baby, but only if you let me staple your peen to my floor

(no answer after that, maybe because he got caught up in the act or because the image of the stapler killed his erection)

Still dazzles me...