XXX Confessions of a house slave pt1

The story I am about to tell you is real, this is a friend sharing his adventures at the mansion of his new Mistress with me... Everything in pink, are his words, I have not edited unless it could reveal his identity.

It's a rainy afternoon and I am waiting in one of my favorite coffeeshops for Adrian, as always he arrives late. A big smile. Flashing his perfect teeth.
I pat the soft cushioned bench inviting him to sit next to me. He smells like rain. 
The owner serves more coffee. My hand on Adrian's leg. I can feel his muscle through the fabric of his Adidas pants. 
I whisper against his ear "Are you wearing it?"
A rush of blood to his beautiful face. How cute, he blushes. My eyes stare at the front of his trousers. Bulge.
Oh fluttery feeling in my stomach!

Adrian sips from his coffee and then lights a joint. Long hit. Short hit of air. Short hit. Short hit of air. Holding it. Staring into each other eyes. His full lips part. 
He holds it against my lips. I inhale. Cough. Too hot. Breathe cool air. Hold it. Exhale. Smile.
"I want to know everything, Adrian! Tell me!"