A beautiful and vivid dream...

I just woke up and I had this amazing colorful, beautiful dream... I want to keep the details forever and I share it here with you:

I a sitting on an airplane and the flight is rather rough, lots of turbulence, it's like my seat is way too small and I am slightly off size, like I am a child, yet I am not, folded between two other people, who heavily lean into me, the arm support of the chair is hurting against the side of my ass, I realize I am not wearing undies so I keep my legs tight to each other pulling my skirt down. 
Then I check my wrist to see the hearts and they are not there, so it gets to me: I am in a dream, this is not real.

(I was reading an article about vivid dreaming and how to become aware, so I draw two hearts on my left wrist, checking that during the day, knowing I am not dreaming, when I have a vivid dream I check my wrist, no hearts means I am in a dream... )

Knowing that, the flight becomes much more smoothly and the people around move away from me, giving me enough space to sink comfortably deep into my chair, as I am dreaming I don't care I am naked under my skirt, I open my legs and enjoy the breeze of the air conditioning. 

When we land I see I am in California and I start walking the landscape, there are no buildings, it's warm and the sun is burning on my pale skin. After a while I arrive at some kind of village with clay huts, the smell of mud fills my nose and I feel a stir in my stomach. In front of the huts sit men, they look close to American Natives, but their skin is darker, they wear colorful beads and feathers and are all extremely beautiful. Their penises sit through a ring, also decorated with beads and feathers, pushing them up and forward (like a wonderbra) displaying them in all their glory. (They are all big and beautiful, no I am not obsessed, I am just steering my own dream at this point, why would I dream of tiny peen :) )
Because I am staring, they stare back, their faces puzzled what a little pale woman like me is walking around here, they speak a language I never heard so I am pointing to the sky and spread my arms like an airplane, they start an animated conversation with each other, mimicking my movements. 
Then I lift up my skirt and show the bruise on my ass and they all come close to me and turn, showing me their perfect, tight dark-skinned asses. 
Their number is too intimidating so I keep my hands behind my back, too scared to start fondling all the goodies. They sing and dance and I think to myself: this is wonderful, I want to stay here...

Suddenly the singing changes into sheer panic, they run in all directions and a giant lion sprints to me, I freeze in place and as he reaches me I feel his heavy paws push me against the ground, I breath heavily and tremble terrified, his huge head nudges me, turning me around like an appetizer, I am thinking: Oh fuck, he is gonna eat me. The tribe men are circling around us with pieces of mirror and self made weapons trying to scare the lion away. He growls and holds me down to the floor.

I am suddenly aware again, it's a dream! So I feel the lion's weight, snuggling against me, he is licking my face, still holding me down but now it is more friendly, I start to feel safe and very powerful and the tribe is in total awe for me now, knowing the lion is my daddy :) 
Carefully I get up and sit with the lion, I am caressing him, running my fingers through his manes, rubbing his tummy and he rolls on his back, his paws in the air, yelping at me like a puppy, the tribal men are oh and ah-ing me, I am the lion's daddy now!

When I hug him really tight he changes into a little boy, he is still growling but very innocently, he whispers in my ear: Protect me, please, love me. My chest fills with heavy emotion and love, Yes, I want to do that and his secret is safe with me. My thoughts wander around: How to find a stroller for my new kid in this place.

Then everyone is packing, it happens to be I am leaving (with my lion child), there is a lot of crying and sadness and for a minute I want to tap into the sadness and cry too because I hate goodbyes, but I try to explain that it is only a dream so I am not really leaving. The whole tribe gets on the airplane and I am standing alone in the middle of the village with my lion child, waving at the plane, telling myself how absurd they all left.

And then I woke up. Smiling!
I will be back there for sure!