Mr. Huff needs a favor...

Mr. Huff: Are you proud of me, Miss Charlotte?
Charlotte: Why that, Mr. Huff?
Mr. Huff: Because I am such a big and strong dog, Miss Charlotte.
Charlotte: Tssskk, Mr. Huff. Next time I make you buy a chihuahua and I carry you around in a handbag.
Mr. Huff: Miss Charlotte, I am role playing and I want to stay in my role, Miss.
Charlotte: Rut Roh! Lol, not again...
Mr. Huff clears his throat and tries again.
Mr. Huff: Are you proud of me, Miss Charlotte?
Charlotte: Yes, Mr. Huff, I am proud of you, you are so big and strong!
Mr. Huff huffs happily.
Charlotte: :)
Mr. Huff: Miss Charlotte, since you are proud of me, could I ask you for a tiny favor?
Charlotte glares at you.
Mr. Huff: No, Miss Charlotte, not asking to lick your applesauce, now it's something that would refine my dog role play.
Charlotte: What, Mr. Huff?
Mr. Huff: Could you buy me an animation to lick my own stick, Miss Charlotte?
Charlotte: Haahahaaaahahaaaaa
Mr. Huff: Anyone who wants to call himself a dog need to lick his own junk, Miss Charlotte.
Charlotte: Ok, Mr. Huff, but only if you promise to do it when I am not around.
Mr. Huff huffs happily.
Mr. Huff: I am sure there are places where the girls love it watching me lick my own stick, Miss Charlotte.
Charlotte: Sick bitch!
Mr. Huff: I love you too, Miss Charlotte
Charlotte: :)