Here we go again... The Shrine!

More mumsy femdom throbs (sexay for troubles)...
 I found this femdom sim about a week ago situated in Rada Forest
The Shrine is a sumptuously-designed, exclusive upscale venue where shared values, expectations, and empowering experiences come together in veneration of the female as a figure of inherent power and dominance.  We enthusiastically invite all like-minded couples and individuals to share in our quest for ever-greater self-discovery, empowerment, and meaning. (quoted from their group)
Promising right?
The place is built by Miles Barbasz, stylish and beautiful (very close to what Dominion has), no ugly malls, no eye-sore advertisement, just all classy hang-outs... As a member of their group you can visit and use those happy corners (loved the gyno chair, my heart aches I can't tie Mr. Huff on that, read my Got Lumps story hihi), there is so much femdom art (and beautifully selected) that even if you are not into this lifestyle, it is worth a visit. Bravo Miles!
I did not take pictures because I wanted to make a video review with my new shiny blue-lighted Space Navigator, after browsing the settings for Second Life on the interwebz (thank you Torley!) I gave it a try, the result is totally not good, jittery, so I am trying out more... but something happened...