Drama pt 1: Intrigue at Dominion!

*Grabs a bag of Haribo spaghetti gummies (I don't eat popcorn) and a glass of Kidibul to watch the drama*
Ah wait! Dun dun duuunn! I am the director in this drama! (Ahum!) Here we go:

A bit more than a week ago I found a little subbage struggling in my web, begging and squirming: "Please Miss Charlotte Please Let me sit at your feet!", thinking I am a mumsy femdom that let's any average guy that pops out of the foggy depths of SL kneel at her (most awesomish mesh) feet. 
No, I do not work like that, I need to make friends with you first (let me introduce you to my requirements):
  • You are not raping my eyeballs with your virtual fugly (want to please me, please my eyeballs!, if you don't care to spend a lousy 10 bucks to make your avi look good, please log out and watch porn!)
  • You can type English (or Dutch or French) and are capable of making an interesting conversation, your IQ is at least 100 and you can talk in an entertaining way about your life, interests and what is happening in the world.
  • You know that Belgium is not the capital of Amsterdam.
  • You are totally aware of the fact that I am here to make fun, fun we can have together as equals playing a role, I am not your mom, I am not your gf, I am not your therapist, we will grow a healthy fascination for each other purely based on lust. (No, I will not love you, you're just a virtual friend on the interwebz)
  • I want to dominate you, I want it to be intense and erotic, I want to grow into that with you, be yourself and show me all the facets of your personality, don't play a sub 100% of the time (a cat does not hunt a dead bird, let me teleport you to the right places to play a spineless jelly fish (lieux de convivialit√© VT et Dominion √©vidament))
  • I do not want to have you around me all the time, if you need a babysit your dad should pay me, make an alt to choke another person with your insecurity, obsession and jealousy.
  • Do not traumatize my sexuality with make-my-eye-bleed rl pics, with stories of your wife or your ex.  
  • Even though I am a loser with no job, I do have a life, so yes I log out without saying bye.
After informing my applicant about all this, he kneeled at my feet anyway, which should already alarmed me, only guys ruined by mumsy femdoms can blindly hit the nadu button (to all male subs: too much nadu makes you deaf and shrinks your testicles).

(Whole paragraph erased so you have to guess the identity of the guy, aahh welcome great tingly feeling of anticipation, the happy ripple of curiosity, an exciting weekend in the make, drama: the bacon in the salad of SL!)

After a week I decked him out with the right looks (if you prove your rl erection I spend some money on you because you are totally worth it), I collared his now perfect neck, 5 min after his ex-domme lands in my house (some people have real skills finding me) making only a minor scene, thanks for that Lady! (my new subbage is a playya!) 
Because of the time difference I could not spend that much time with him, on top of being distracted by my totally hot dog Mr. Huff. 

Yesterday a little bird from the Dominion royalty (name erased, who is the lamity betrayer in the core of their exclusive gossip-theater?) tweeted in my ear that my new guy was actually an alt of one of their boys. And yea 1+1=2, she could be right! Rut-Oh!
When I confronted him, he immediately admitted he was and that he was so sorry and begged me to not let them know (of course not, that would be so low, right?), so I wont, hihi. Let the speculations begin! 
  • Is my new sub a spybot for the Dominion, am I that good and special they want to know my secret? 
  • Is he just a horny bag of hormones who knew he can get off in Charlotte's Web? 
  • Will he be my new spybot to use on the Dominion? (not sure anything exciting to spy on is happening there)
  • Can I make an exciting popular sequel of drama on my blog about this? 
  • Will I be officially persona non grata for all mumsy femdoms now?