Domani's perfect kiss...

I typed: "Kiss me, Domani... "
He replied:

 "caresses your cheeks with the tips of my fingers.
  softly moving from your ears to your mouth.
  rolling my index finger over your supple lips.
  looking into your eyes.
  allowing my nails to touch your flesh of your face, from your lips,
  and pushing them backwards
  around your ears and holding your neck with both hands lovingly.
  my thumbs massaging your cheeks...
  my mouth close to your left ear...
  whispering, "Charlotte, you are the world to me"
  kissing your cheek and kissing it slowly moving towards your mouth.
  moving my lips across your lips feeling your skin, smelling your mouth ,
  tasting your breath
  it is all just perfect...
  i angle my head and open my mouth a bit kissing your lips, feeling them part to mine.
  our mouths open onto each other i move my tongue towards your mouth...
  and find the tip of your tongue and touch it with the tip of mine.
  feeling your words.
  hearing you speak.
  tasting you and knowing this is a kiss of a lifetime.
  rubbing your neck with my fingers pulling your mouth into mine,
  beginning to suck your tongue into me and loving every moment.
  closing my eyes wanting this to be with my mind always.
  wanting you to know this is truly who i am and how i am."

 God, could someone please throw a bucket of water over my sexuality. It just caught fire!
                                                I  my aviator!