Bachi Cheng at the Gateway

Maylea gave me the honor to have a peek of the work of Bachi Cheng, an artist in rl and SL, who has an exhibition at The Gateway this friday 1pm slt and I was immediately in love with her work. Her style is very attractive and captures your attention.
"Deep reds and ochres mix harmoniously on differents materials such as canvas cardboard or wood, the aim being to depict their world, with style and humour"
I made a link to their website under Linkety Links: Alias et Alias and please support Bachi and come see her work at the Gateway! I will post a picture of my favorite after I bought it! (It's just made for me (not really, hihi) but it looks and feels like that!)
At 2pm Caoilte Skytower will do a live performance, another great reason to be at the Gateway! See you there