The anus poem

I was looking for a poem or a verse about ass licking. Why? Dunno *smiles* I found this one and I think it is pun, my favorite sentence is in the obvious color pink! I was looking for a nice arty picture to go with it but, Captain, when you google anus pictures there is a wide variety of alien fruitage hanging out of no longer definable body-holes. It got me so worried I went to mirror my own anus to make sure the ugly or any weird extensions have sneaked up on me (my hubby keeps my disney land hairless so he does all the zooming in), now I can't expose my own anus on the interwebz, but I can tell you for an anus it looks perfect.

Written by Crusty Bunger...

My Anus is a flower
Which does doth daily bloom
My Anus doesn’t cower
When others preach its doom
My Anus is a crumpet
Come taste ye of its musk
My Anus is the trumpet
Which doth proclaim thoust dusk

My Anus is quite handsome
Come give it a tonguey kiss
My Anus is your ransom
Should all things go amiss
My Anus is quite gassy
Gastronomical distress
My Anus barks like Lassie
But then, I do digress

My Anus can be fragrant
Come and give it a deep long sniff
My Anus is your buddy
It’ll be there in a jiff
My Anus is rock for you
When things have gotten tough
My Anus tastes like chicken
Unlike your fishy muff