The Velvet Thorn: WTF?

I removed the chat logs because it looks just ugly on my purty blog.. but they are still here if you enjoy some drama. 

This morning I had a moment of [enlightenment] realizing why this happened to me now the second time. All my former reasons are valid too (as a true domme I am a l w a y s right): 
First, it is impossible for me to get into this with the level of serious they all have. Like this for example... the illustrious prodomme Storm: 

"Actually its not a game for me.. The boy I own.. I do not see him as just a character.. Its deeper.."
We all know that, Storm, you see him as a brain dead, soft limped blob of a manchild that sits at your feet all the time, gasping Yes, Mistress at you like a dying fish. What kind of man plays a character like that? You yourself alt-ing your perfect twatburger?
Where is the challenge -fun -sexiness in your game (Ugh, there I go again! It's not a game, it's  [d e e p e r] ?!!)

Second, when a man did not submit to me, I refuse to treat him as that, for me he is a human being just like myself whom I approach with polite and friendly. That is how it works in rl, Misses, Duchesses and whatever you like to call yourself. (Imagine my hubby goes to the butcher and his wife start to scream at him: "Why the hell are you sitting on my chair?? On your knees!" Hihi)
We all play a role in our relationship (roles that are a wide variety from sweet little princess Vanilla to staple your dick Tempy), a role we play out in the intimacy of our house, club or whatever place we use for that. It's not a 100% of the time role, we are a lot more than just domme. (If you do not agree with me on this *spank* you were never a domme).
I am aware that when I enter your sim, I am obliged to follow your rules (you should have them in my language too), but as a domme I am not [playing] your sub and bend over every time you feel the need to get at me as a viscous poodle.

Those were my former reasons... *bats eyelashes* (still follow me?)
My newest reason I got banned for (im-notsoh-o) today is:
*looks over her shoulder, leans in and looks at you with a secretively glance*
 It's a conspiracy! *nods firmly and forces you to keep on reading*
Gracie as well as Vixanne (as a whole bunch of them) are members of Dominion too, they all frequent the same places and therefor know my [character], meaning my pixelated appearance and my tremendous charismatic personality and demanding ego (hihi). It was just a matter of time to get my perfect-ass booted out of their d e e p e r game second life. (Haaa! You got it, right?)
They found the stick to hit the dog: Eteocles was sitting on a chair! (and fck I allowed him too). Can you Duchesses and Liaisons please make it clear in your rules: armchairs are not only chairs with arms, it's also the ones with no arms and a back? Or maybe label them with stickers?

 (can right-click save royalty free :))

Conclusion: I should come back and play SL over 20 years: due to rl then my brain will be deprived from any sense of humor (kids, bills bla bla), my hormones (menopause) torture my mood so I can vent and bark at will with no reason, I can sit in SL doing nothing with my girlfriends just type meaningless shit or cackle in voice without getting bored (everyone in rl will have left), I can deny any guy or girl their orgasm for at least 6 weeks, because my own genitals became numb and I forgot the sweet rush of horny.

I will not miss this pixel place, nor the people who own and run it, nor the women role-playing domme there, I will miss all the sweet bored sub guys who made my IM box a fun and exciting place, allowing me to get to know them, thank you all for the nice conversations, for the compliments, for the naughty chat and how often you made me laugh. Whomever owns you, do not lose your ability to have fun and play! You are on my list, just knock on my window! (and don't forget to read my porn!)