To fart or not to fart...

This is a review, not a rant (I.Could!) about the SL femdom sim, Dominion. I found this sim when I was looking for femdom groups, once I teleported there I was nicely surprised, no eyeball-raping mall or club, just a stylish decorated place for women who enjoy dominating men. A notecard with the rules made it clear they are kind of strict (how strict I would be finding out soon), did not expect less of a femdom sim. I was welcomed warmly by the dommes and the subs.

The first thing I totally disliked at Dominion was the fact that they use voice constantly. There is one thing using voice for discussions, or their poetry event, but no, it's like a tight group of women so in love with their own voice they vomit an unending stream of talking and cackling without actually saying something, one sounds like high pitched Karen in Will & Grace, another one like she has no teeth, I can almost feel her saliva spray in my face when she talks, and of course the creepy hollow of the voice-changer. 
You would say why are you listening if you don't like it? It's my curiosity seeing that green graphic flash, so I listen till it feels like my inner ear is stuffed with wet and nonsense. 

They have a well managed event calendar, all well thought of and fun. I loved those events (the music is kind of retarded but could expect that as they are all older women, yay, for my itunes library and overriding their 80's with some nifty belgian drumstep, Go Netsky!), the trials for the subs are hilarious, the woman playing the judge has a pleasant teacher voice and she really brings it with lots of humor.

Dominion has a wide variety of spots to hang out, every event Evangeline who owns the sim places different set ups, which makes it even more cool. There is two sections for shopping, again very tasteful and classy, with nothing but the best designers/creators in SL.
There is a constant supply of willing submissive men so YT felt ego-brushed constantly by all the attention. (my IM-box was throbbing (hihi)). 
All this together really made me love this sim and I sucked up, hoping they would accept me as one of them...

My first mistake on Dominion was parking my pixel ass in a chair that happened to belong to some of their dommes, her name was on it with a little label, but so small it took me 1 week to notice it. The chair is placed at the courtyard in the circle, looking exactly as the other chairs (except for the little label). 
As I am always busy being entertained by my throbbing IM-box, I did not read any of the comments about my disrespectful pixel ass in someone else's chair. I forgot her name but you can't miss her, she makes her sub shapeshift into a cookie box (what can be more humiliating than be a cookie box in a virtual world???Take.That! Ung! ). At that moment I did not know there is a hierarchy to be respected...
Destiny helped the cookie-mistress by letting SL crash on me, so she could finally reclaim her beloved seat, making my sub (all stuck and tied up, hubba hubba) sit at her feet. He isn't a cookie or a waffle, so she got pretty upset barking at him like a poodle under stress, ignoring their own rules-set about not bossing around other domme's property. But she can, because she can...
As my sub and me were in Skype fondling each other with a soothing voice, we decided to not give in to the drama and just let it go. 

Le moment suprême...
There was a party going on, the usual SL entertainment, as always I was in Skype with my sub, making fun in our own sick perverted way, I decided to pull a prank on one of them. (Let me remind you this is in a virtual world, where one can't feel or smell). I have this nifty fart hud, that attaches an object to another avatar, changes into their name, makes fart sounds, plays brown smoke particles at their ass, and writes chat in their name like: "It wasn't me, it was the dog!'. The kind of thing that makes me fall of my chair laughing (don't judge me!). The first name that came up on my hud (closest avatar, nothing personal) was a sub and I added.
Immediately the party was enhanced with fart sounds and his apologetic chat. H i l a r i o u s (at least for me).
A wave of outrage washed over the poor sub. Like he was actually hitting their nose hairs with the methane odor of a real fart. Some muted him (which did not work for my spicy flatulent hud), others vented their anger in chat (no voice during parties, thank god). I switched victims to the most vocal domme, her turn to spread the love of overacting intestines. And then they knew it was me...
I was catching my breath in rl, my tummy hurting of laughter, as the outrage started towards me. They got into staff chat to discuss the incredibly disrespect and humiliation I brought to them and their sub. Believe me, I was speechless. I know it is not classy to fart at a rl party, but damn, this is SL, it's virtual, we are all sitting on our computer, the only fart we can smell is our own. All I wanted was a good laugh.

They informed me that they would decide the next day what was done to me, so I grabbed my sub's leash and left. The next day it got spiced up with some chatter and I realized they are too stuck up and too serious for me to spend my fun time with.

Never the less I miss their sim and their events, for all those of you who take it serious and are 40+, it's a really great place, go visit them here and say Charlotte said hi!