The Adventurous Italian Aviator pt1

When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them... 

The first time I meet him is at my parents house, his person rather overwhelming for me because of his looks, his length, his age, his knowledge and bravery. My eyes are locked on his full lips (my mouth dry), thinking of how they would feel on different parts of my body, every word from his lips a poem to my ears. The way he ignores me when I sit next to him at the dinner table fascinates me because I am so used to get all the attention, I study his hands, his fingers... how they accompany his words, his eyes hidden behind his aviator shades. The soft scent of his skin, cloths, tobacco and soap tickles my nose constantly, I feel like a flower tempted and teased by a bumblebee. 
Under the table I pull up the skirt of my dress, exposing my right knee, I place it gently against his leg, hoping he will not move his away, I feel his muscle through the fabric of his trousers and then the slight counter pressure as if he knows what I need.
Everyone at the table is hanging at his lips, his deep voice telling his adventures, I am mesmerized by the feeling of his leg against mine, his warmth crawling through my skin, every single pore takes in his strength, his masculinity and I feel like I become fluid inside.  

When we finish eating and are waiting for dessert, I slide my hand back under the table and place it on my knee, my pink rubs slowly against his leg. From the side I watch his face: 

(He does not move...)

Encouraged by that I place my hand on his leg, the tips of my fingers on his inner thigh. 

(He does not move!)

My eyes close a second as I softly move my hand over his upper leg, feeling his gracilis muscle tighten under my fingertips, a soft needy cramp rushes through my genitals when I reach the bulge in his trousers.
I try to unbutton his fly... 
He grabs my wrist under the table and squeezes it hard, my whole body tenses and I resist the pain of his nipping fingers, my hand not moving an inch, now grabs and pinches at his erection. His face turns towards me, the vein in his neck throbs, I stare at the shades where I think his eyes are and subtle move my tongue over my lower lip...
(like waving a steak in front of a bulldog)
The grip on my wrist releases... (I win!)
I open his fly, his lips part, a short gasp escapes when my fingers close around his thick shaft.

Fortunately my father now is leading the conversation, the aviator takes off his shades, his face turns again, a glance of his dark eyes, his pupils dilate, I feel more blood rush into his hard throbbing cock as I stroke him secretly, slowly up and down, my fingertips twist the swollen head, he clears his throat, a gasp, his precum spurts wetting my fingers, the slight squishy sound when I continue to pump him faster.

When my mother talks to me I hold still, his massive cock twitches, I hold my breath, I throb, he throbs as we are one, a giant jellyfish of need that fills the room...

Laughter as my father jokingly hits the back of my brother's head and I continue milking the aviator, he slides down slightly on his chair, his elbows on the table, now and then his hands hide his mouth or half-glazed eyes as his legs spread more and his dick flexes, expands to even bigger, my fingers feel him up, tease the edge of his cockhead, rub the sensitive spot underneath.
My whole body tingles knowing my little slender hand controls this man completely, this perfect specie of masculinity, his knees buckled of desire while I stroke him in an agonizingly slow motion letting the pressure build.

Our dessert is served, I spoon mine in my mouth with my free hand, his eyes watch my mouth as I lick and suck the sweet cream of the spoon, I notice his short breaths, I can feel his leg tremble against mine, my hand moves up and down and up and down, milking him, squeezing him, ever so slowly, his balls full and tight, so ready. 
Not able to make a sound, we are placed in another dimension, where every second lasts a minute, every stroke intensified by the slow pace, screaming moans of silence.
I feel that throb, the sudden tightening of his cock, his mouth opens (mine too), his eyes close (I stare), his glands expand to even bigger proportions as his hot milky jizz leaps from his cockhead with force, an eruption of glorious proportion, jet after jet, my fingers grasp firmly, up and down continuously, urging out every last drop of his spunk.

My own orgasm sits ready right under the surface, inhale, too much air to breath, holding myself not to pant. The aviator's glances at my blushing cheeks, my hand still around his cock, a sticky witness. And then uninvited and unwanted. I burp.

(god nooo!) 

All the eyes are on me in collective disbelieve and embarrassment, I feel my blood fload out of my head, out of my chest, out of my legs, collected at my toes. 
"Go to your room, Charlotte!" My mother's eyes sling little thunderbolts at me. I stand up, next to the aviator, my wet hand hidden behind my back, whimper a word of sorry, his fingertips stroke the back of my knee, my heart beats like a drum (my knees are jelly and I am oozing). Unable to move. Paralyzed by my longing for his touch.
My father marches to the door, opens it, "Go Charlotte, think about what you just did and how to apologize to our guest" 
( A flash through my head: the aviator tied to my bed while I ride his beautiful face, I can make it up to him!)
I lower my head and walk, my eyes on my fathers shoes, the cuffs of his pants, decorated with the big creamy lumps of the aviator's cum.

(to be continued)


World End's Garden

Step into a virtual 3D painting à la Claude Monet... a palette of pure light bright colors, the light subtle, all different scenery draw together in one motive... All this the perfect background for either a romantic evening or to make some amazing pictures (couple animations available)
B e a u t i f u l!
Nom nom nom for your eyeballs, visit this sim here


The Velvet Thorn: WTF?

I removed the chat logs because it looks just ugly on my purty blog.. but they are still here if you enjoy some drama. 

This morning I had a moment of [enlightenment] realizing why this happened to me now the second time. All my former reasons are valid too (as a true domme I am a l w a y s right): 
First, it is impossible for me to get into this with the level of serious they all have. Like this for example... the illustrious prodomme Storm: 

"Actually its not a game for me.. The boy I own.. I do not see him as just a character.. Its deeper.."
We all know that, Storm, you see him as a brain dead, soft limped blob of a manchild that sits at your feet all the time, gasping Yes, Mistress at you like a dying fish. What kind of man plays a character like that? You yourself alt-ing your perfect twatburger?
Where is the challenge -fun -sexiness in your game (Ugh, there I go again! It's not a game, it's  [d e e p e r] ?!!)

Second, when a man did not submit to me, I refuse to treat him as that, for me he is a human being just like myself whom I approach with polite and friendly. That is how it works in rl, Misses, Duchesses and whatever you like to call yourself. (Imagine my hubby goes to the butcher and his wife start to scream at him: "Why the hell are you sitting on my chair?? On your knees!" Hihi)
We all play a role in our relationship (roles that are a wide variety from sweet little princess Vanilla to staple your dick Tempy), a role we play out in the intimacy of our house, club or whatever place we use for that. It's not a 100% of the time role, we are a lot more than just domme. (If you do not agree with me on this *spank* you were never a domme).
I am aware that when I enter your sim, I am obliged to follow your rules (you should have them in my language too), but as a domme I am not [playing] your sub and bend over every time you feel the need to get at me as a viscous poodle.

Those were my former reasons... *bats eyelashes* (still follow me?)
My newest reason I got banned for (im-notsoh-o) today is:
*looks over her shoulder, leans in and looks at you with a secretively glance*
 It's a conspiracy! *nods firmly and forces you to keep on reading*
Gracie as well as Vixanne (as a whole bunch of them) are members of Dominion too, they all frequent the same places and therefor know my [character], meaning my pixelated appearance and my tremendous charismatic personality and demanding ego (hihi). It was just a matter of time to get my perfect-ass booted out of their d e e p e r game second life. (Haaa! You got it, right?)
They found the stick to hit the dog: Eteocles was sitting on a chair! (and fck I allowed him too). Can you Duchesses and Liaisons please make it clear in your rules: armchairs are not only chairs with arms, it's also the ones with no arms and a back? Or maybe label them with stickers?

 (can right-click save royalty free :))

Conclusion: I should come back and play SL over 20 years: due to rl then my brain will be deprived from any sense of humor (kids, bills bla bla), my hormones (menopause) torture my mood so I can vent and bark at will with no reason, I can sit in SL doing nothing with my girlfriends just type meaningless shit or cackle in voice without getting bored (everyone in rl will have left), I can deny any guy or girl their orgasm for at least 6 weeks, because my own genitals became numb and I forgot the sweet rush of horny.

I will not miss this pixel place, nor the people who own and run it, nor the women role-playing domme there, I will miss all the sweet bored sub guys who made my IM box a fun and exciting place, allowing me to get to know them, thank you all for the nice conversations, for the compliments, for the naughty chat and how often you made me laugh. Whomever owns you, do not lose your ability to have fun and play! You are on my list, just knock on my window! (and don't forget to read my porn!)

I ❤ Dr.Michio Kaku

This is a clip from Big Think about the future of economics and business. I wanted to post this because this morning at Velvet Thorn I witnessed an american guy make fun of an Indian guy,
For all of you americans who still think you > everyone... watch this and realize who you owe your prosperity to.


New sky...

Testing the new sky with my strawberries and creamy dreamboat 


Got lumps?

When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...

My dad's brother is a doctor, sometimes when it gets really busy he asks me to come help to pick up the phone, schedule his appointments and do some administrative task to help out his secretary. On Tuesday she always leaves earlier, it was only 7pm but already dark outside, I peek through the glass window of the waiting room door and see there is only one patient left. A guy early 30's, about 6 ft tall, fit and a real cute, he is reading one of the magazines laying around on the end tables. As if he feels someone is staring at him, he lifts up his head and I quickly move away and continue cleaning the examination area, acting all busy which I am really good at.
My uncle comes in "Lotti, I need to go to an emergency and visit an elderly patient after, can you please reschedule Mr.De Wit's appointment, he comes for just a regular check up and a flu shot, tell him I apologize for the inconvenience."
My ears perk and my nose curls and a naughty thought flashes through my head. After making sure my uncle is gone, I take his reading glasses and a white coat from one of the nurses, my reflection in the mirror is somewhat blurry because of the glasses, but I look like a doctor-assistant, I lock the front door and slide the key in my pocket.

A deep breath through my nose, I open the door of the waiting room, glance at him from above my glasses like a true professional. "Mr.De Wit, follow me please...". His hazel eyes look at me with surprise, I turn around quickly and walk to the examination room, he follows me like a lamb. 
(Little explosion in my chest!) My slender fingers rummage through the pages of his file, with a swift move I grab a hospital gown from the hook "Take of your cloths and put this on, Mr", my face dead serious "I am back in 2 minutes!" and I walk nonchalant out of the room, the self-closing door almost hits my butt. 
I stand in the hall way and jump of joy, holding my hands before my mouth not to scream of excitement. What a tool! The glasses now placed on top of my head so I can spy on him through the small door window, I take a few pictures with my iPhone, his perky ass sticking out the medical gown while he is folding up his cloths. Tzk Tzk Tzk and ... whoop! Sent to my girlfriends. 

With a brief knock on the door I enter the room. "Take a seat on the table, Mr.De Wit" a sternly glance in his direction, "Jonas, doctor" his eyes for a second on mine then lowered fast. I take the blood-pressure cuff and act as if I take his blood-pressure, I lift up his gown to listen to his heart and lungs, he blushes as I reveal his naked body, his smooth, thick cock slightly swollen against his leg. Many times I saw my uncle do this check-ups so I mimic them as good as I can. "Ok, Jonas, let me take a look down your throat", I check his pulse, test his reflexes. "Now your temperature...", he opens his mouth. "Nah ah, Jonas, I don't use your mouth, turn around and bend over!" The sound of the latex glove that snaps against my skin, I lube the thermometer, my fingers open his ass cheeks and I place the thermometer gently in his asshole. Waiting a few. My little finger rubs slowly and carefully against the back of his sack, circling as the arm of a clock ticking away the seconds. I hear him slowly inhale. Ti-riiit! I read his temperature. A smile curls my lips when he turns around, his face bright red, my eyes on the tent in his gown.

"Take a seat, Jonas, there is a few things the doctor asked me to check, just a routine procedure, lay back and relax!" I pull the stirrups out of the table and put his feet in them, his knees bent his legs spread wide apart, tie them with white leather straps to the metal, his wrists cuffed with Velcro above his head on the top of the table. The look on his face shifts to worried, I stand between his legs, take the edge of his hospital gown and throw it back over his face. Hihi. I look down at the exposed cock fest in front of me. My hands rest on his inner thighs, I feel the firmness of his muscles through the rubber of my gloves, lean down, my face an inch from his swollen, smooth balls. My breath flutters over his skin, I part my lips so he can feel the damp of my mouth so very close to his scrotum, the warm scent of his genitals fills my nose, his hips jump when I pour some cold lube over his balls, I coat the surface of one thoroughly with the tip of my index-finger, my eyes on his cock, it's throbbing, the blood rushing as he gets fully erect immediately. The other testicle, more lube, drawing small circles. He gasps under the gown. "Checking for lumps, Jonas, just relax!". A slight tremble of his stomach, my gentle inspection continues. 

The knuckles of my left hand press softly against the sensitive spot between his scrotum and asshole, two lubed rubber gloved fingers of my right hand slide in his anus, the same soft pressure against his prostate, I feel it swell against my fingertips. He whimpers under the gown. His hips jerk. His cock flexes, hard as a rock now, so big and beautiful. My thumb rubs the root of his penis, his velvety asshole squeezes around my fingers, so tight. My free hand pulls away the hospital gown, his face is red, dew on his upper lip, he stares at me... we exhale slowly at the same time, my left hand grasps the base of his pulsing cock, a clear droplet of precum at the little slit, he closes his eyes for a second and he tilts back his head. (Another little explosion in my chest). 

He surrenders and I start to slowly stroke his perfect massive member, a firm grip, a slow pace, my fingers wiggle inside his ass, teasing his aching prostate. He moans loudly now, his chest heaves, his hips buck up, his cock flexes, I see his balls climb, quickly I let go of his dick, it twitches helpless in the air, my finger and thumb ring around the top of his scrotum and I pull his balls downward, making it impossible for him to cum, he squirms, groaning of pleasure, "Unnggghhh..." his cockhead is swollen and purple so ready to orgasm, he shudders of frustration, one stroke away...
I wait...
My eyes are locked on his now, the hazel is a lusty dark brown, they beg me... my insides tremble as much as his legs. I wait...

I release my grip on his balls and start to move my fingers inside him, he growls with every stroke over his pulsing prostate, my index-finger of my other hand slowly trails over his shaft, it twitches, gulps of precum spurt over his stomach. "Doctor, please.."
More lube, the soppy sounds of my hand pumping his throbbing cock, he pants and moans, I watch his muscles tighten, that exquisite moment when a perfect wave unfolds to start his orgasm, his balls climb, he jerks his hips, pushing his huge pulsing dick into my oily rubber gloved hand, aching for release, with a swift move I withdraw my hand and firmly grab his balls pulling them away from his body, his cock jumps, so close but denying him again... he squirms and screams, "Aaaaahhhhhhh..." his body shakes, his cockhead expands, spurts but again he can't cum, he whimpers "Pleaasseee, let me cum, please..."

He tries to fight, wiggling his restrained wrists and feet, but to no help... A throatily whimper, his eyes staring in mine again, begging me like a hungry dog.
I wait...

His inside contracts around my sticky fingers as I slowly start to wiggle them against his throbbing prostate, he moans loud and slow, panting... My other hand releases my vice-like grip on his balls and I massage them for a second, they are so swollen and tight, I grab his twitching cock and start to pump his throbbing meat, every twist at his purple cockhead, gulps of precum, the slit opened as an angry little eye, ready to fire it's load. My slender fingers firmly squeeze, milking his perfect rock hard cock, every stroke it twitches, his hips buck up following my hand, his asshole sucks at my fingers, his balls so tight up his sack, climbing, he screams now and I see his body stiffen, his eyes roll back and he starts to shudder under his intense orgasm, his mouth opens, trembling like a leaf, finally, release... and hot streams of cum splash violently over his chest and face, more... and more, he keeps ejaculating, my fingertips press against his prostate in the same rhythm as his spasms, forcing more sperm out, intensifying and expanding his explosion. 
Minutes that seems hours, like we lost all sense of time, I can hardly breath...  my whole body tingles.

I snap out the latex gloves, grab a wet towel and sponge him, his face flushed, his eyes stare in mine, I untie him. "You can dress now, Jonas" 
When he is ready I stand in front of him, "I have good news and bad news, Jonas" I lower my lashes and smile. "The bad news, Doctor?"
"We are out of flu shots, Jonas, I have to make a new appointment for you!" He flashes his perfect white teeth at me in a smile.
"The good news, you are very healthy and next time you get the real doctor" His head tilts and his hand reaches for mine. For a second he holds it and I answer his smile.
I open the door for him, he hesitates... I nod towards outside. "Off you go!" I close the door behind him. My heart leaps and I make a pirouette in the empty hallway "I did it!!!"

The end

Slave Gardens

Nice revamp, visit here..


Tingly Lube

When I was a 12 year old I started writing erotic stories, I shared them with my classmates and soon I was writing them daily, even getting payed for them. And I am back...
English is not my native, so forgive my poor vocabulary, I want to share my stories with you, they are based on part truth, part virtual adventures and my fantasies, hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them...

After weeks of being followed and watched by this remarkable dark haired predator, I left the door of my apartment open, waiting motionless in the dark, knowing he would step into my trap. And he did. The front door slowly moved as I saw his dark silhouette enter, hesitating for a few seconds, the scent of rain mingled with the leather of his jacket reached my nose. A rush of adrenaline chokes me as he slowly approaches the wall I am hiding behind. I exhale and put the gun against the side of his head "On your knees!". Time stops for both of us, a split second that seems eternity, the deafening sound of my fast beating heart. He falls forward on his knees... I win!
"Your hands behind your back, now!", the metal end of my gun pushes into his cheek, I can see the reflection of the windows flicker in his eyes, he breaths slow and deep, his body trembles slightly. My free hand is fast cuffing his wrists, tight together, then the solid feel of my gun between my bare back and the belt of my jeans, I tug a chain around his wrists and guide it around his neck in a double loop, bending his arms uncomfortably, their weight tugging at the skin of his neck. His jacket and shirt pulled over his shoulders restrain his elbows, his arms become an easy to use handle to move him as I wish, even for a lightweight as me, his jeans on his knees, keeping them together, making it impossible for him to move without landing on his face.
I got him where I want him.

When I turn on the light his dark eyes blink and then stare at me. Disbelief. Fear. Anticipation. Mine take in the odd reality of this situation. My strange stalker sits on his knees on my wooden floor, stripped down to his boxers, immobilized and helpless. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!", brave words but coughed out dry, revealing how nervous he is about all this. A smile curls around my lips and my face close to his, I look in his eyes and answer him with a low voice: "You gonna keep that mouth shut unless I ask you something or I will tape it, you got that?". He growls "You little bitch! You can't do this to me!" and I wag my roll of duck-tape at him. "Your choice, baby!".
The lower part of his face is covered with the black tape, his eyes are staring at me, his chest heaving. I turn around, my little ass almost in his face, my gun sticking out the back of my pants as a warning, shifting my weight to my other foot, I use the remote to turn on the music and dim the light.
He is about to find out my idea of romance.

Still a bit shaky but totally in control now I roll my desk chair and my tool box to the living room, his eyes as dark as the tape flashing angry at me. I get down on my knees in front of him, in my hand a plastic bottle with a blue watery tingly lube, my finger rubs a droplet on his left nipple, I watch it erect instantly, his skin texture changes. Goosebumps.
Inside my stomach a stir, I inhale slowly, I got him.
Another droplet for his other nipple, the tape moves where his mouth is, his nostrils flare. My imagination, my empathy, I know what the fluid does, the cold feel, the tingling on his nipples, stiffened for me now. In the corner of my eye I see his cock stir in his boxers, growing steadily, my eyes are locked on his when I tug at the elastic band and place it under his balls, his erection sweeps up, greeting me eagerly. The warm musk scent of his arousal fills my nose.
I grab the heartbeat monitor from my Bowflex step and tie it around his chest just under his nipples, displaying his heart beat on the small screen. 92. Excited.
Phhtttt. A small gulp of the tingly lube lands on his cockhead and my thumb slid under his cock, slicking his sensitive spot, my slender fingers close gently, sliding down his shaft. Slowly. Pausing... squeezing at the base of his cock, pulling up, the skin slides past my moistened palm back to the tip.
Squeeze again, twist gently at the head, my fingers bunch. 99.
The skin of my hand tingles with his cock, the sensation of more blood rushing, so hard, so needy.

A slight push of my other hand makes him lose his balance, he falls backwards on his elbows, a muffled sound from under the tape, breath puffing out his nostrils. I pull his jeans and boxers down to his feet, place my knee on it to keep his legs bend and spread, now I can observe the muscles of his stomach, thighs and ass to measure his excitement. More tingly lube for his balls, more, and more, the sopping sound of my hand jerking his hard throbbing meat, I see his stomach quiver, the perfect orbs of his ass tighten, goblets of precum spurring out every time I squeeze at his cockhead. 120.
 The lube is warmed now from the friction of my hands, a warm tingling sensation on my skin, I imagine how much more intense it must feel on his genitals, his dick is heated and the thick head dark red and shiny, the veins pop out and every time I hold still it flexes in my hand, eager for my touch, demanding release, his balls are full, tight and high up in his sack. He is close. 131.

Firmly holding the base of his cock with my right hand, I slide the fingers of my left hand between his ass cheeks, he pants, squeezing the muscles of his ass like a scared virgin, slowly lubing his ass crack with my warm sticky fingers, I circle around his asshole, wetting and heating it up, his cock jumps, a strand of precum slings over his stomach. His glance changes, I hold a huge pink dildo in front of his face, a muffled protest, his chest heaving.
With fast strokes I wet and warm the rubber, I see his puckered little asshole twitch, my lips part, soft panting as I hold the top of the rubber dick against his tight hole, he shakes his head and screams behind his tape as I stretch him open and slowly push it deep inside his ass. My right hand jerks his cock, so big, so hard, twitching uncontrollably, his hips pushing up wanting, begging for release, precum gulping out. Helplessly. Quivering. 139.

The painful movement against his prostate shifts into a warm tingly pressure, shooting jolts of slight pain mixed with pleasure through his balls and cock. He surrenders and his body shakes, I slide my giant rubber cock in and out with ease, watching his asshole swallow it completely like a hungry mouth. Fast and firmly, the squishy sound of my hand jerking his throbbing cock, his ass impaled and then his body stiffens. 150. Finally. Release. He moans and screams as his hot jizz shoots from his cockhead in his face and hair, more and more with every gush, his hips bucking up with every wave, shuddering under this violent orgasm, as if he didn't cum in weeks.

I look deep into his eyes while I clean my hands on a towel, I get up and take my video camera of the table, the red blinking light stops, I kneel down and hold the little screen in front of his face, his eyes bulge as he watches himself getting fucked in the ass and explode.
"I am gonna untie you, you gonna walk out of here and never follow me again. If I ever see you near me, you gonna be the next YouTube celebrity, and the whole world can watch you being fucked in the ass and see how much you like it. Ok?"
His face is red and he nods, I put my camera back and pull the tape of his mouth in one swift move,  untie him and without a word he pulls up his boxers and pants, I watch him walk uncomfortably to the door, his own cum still on his face and hair. 

I reach behind me, take my fake gun and chuckle. 
Hope he stalks me again.
The End.


To fart or not to fart...

This is a review, not a rant (I.Could!) about the SL femdom sim, Dominion. I found this sim when I was looking for femdom groups, once I teleported there I was nicely surprised, no eyeball-raping mall or club, just a stylish decorated place for women who enjoy dominating men. A notecard with the rules made it clear they are kind of strict (how strict I would be finding out soon), did not expect less of a femdom sim. I was welcomed warmly by the dommes and the subs.

The first thing I totally disliked at Dominion was the fact that they use voice constantly. There is one thing using voice for discussions, or their poetry event, but no, it's like a tight group of women so in love with their own voice they vomit an unending stream of talking and cackling without actually saying something, one sounds like high pitched Karen in Will & Grace, another one like she has no teeth, I can almost feel her saliva spray in my face when she talks, and of course the creepy hollow of the voice-changer. 
You would say why are you listening if you don't like it? It's my curiosity seeing that green graphic flash, so I listen till it feels like my inner ear is stuffed with wet and nonsense. 

They have a well managed event calendar, all well thought of and fun. I loved those events (the music is kind of retarded but could expect that as they are all older women, yay, for my itunes library and overriding their 80's with some nifty belgian drumstep, Go Netsky!), the trials for the subs are hilarious, the woman playing the judge has a pleasant teacher voice and she really brings it with lots of humor.

Dominion has a wide variety of spots to hang out, every event Evangeline who owns the sim places different set ups, which makes it even more cool. There is two sections for shopping, again very tasteful and classy, with nothing but the best designers/creators in SL.
There is a constant supply of willing submissive men so YT felt ego-brushed constantly by all the attention. (my IM-box was throbbing (hihi)). 
All this together really made me love this sim and I sucked up, hoping they would accept me as one of them...

My first mistake on Dominion was parking my pixel ass in a chair that happened to belong to some of their dommes, her name was on it with a little label, but so small it took me 1 week to notice it. The chair is placed at the courtyard in the circle, looking exactly as the other chairs (except for the little label). 
As I am always busy being entertained by my throbbing IM-box, I did not read any of the comments about my disrespectful pixel ass in someone else's chair. I forgot her name but you can't miss her, she makes her sub shapeshift into a cookie box (what can be more humiliating than be a cookie box in a virtual world???Take.That! Ung! ). At that moment I did not know there is a hierarchy to be respected...
Destiny helped the cookie-mistress by letting SL crash on me, so she could finally reclaim her beloved seat, making my sub (all stuck and tied up, hubba hubba) sit at her feet. He isn't a cookie or a waffle, so she got pretty upset barking at him like a poodle under stress, ignoring their own rules-set about not bossing around other domme's property. But she can, because she can...
As my sub and me were in Skype fondling each other with a soothing voice, we decided to not give in to the drama and just let it go. 

Le moment suprême...
There was a party going on, the usual SL entertainment, as always I was in Skype with my sub, making fun in our own sick perverted way, I decided to pull a prank on one of them. (Let me remind you this is in a virtual world, where one can't feel or smell). I have this nifty fart hud, that attaches an object to another avatar, changes into their name, makes fart sounds, plays brown smoke particles at their ass, and writes chat in their name like: "It wasn't me, it was the dog!'. The kind of thing that makes me fall of my chair laughing (don't judge me!). The first name that came up on my hud (closest avatar, nothing personal) was a sub and I added.
Immediately the party was enhanced with fart sounds and his apologetic chat. H i l a r i o u s (at least for me).
A wave of outrage washed over the poor sub. Like he was actually hitting their nose hairs with the methane odor of a real fart. Some muted him (which did not work for my spicy flatulent hud), others vented their anger in chat (no voice during parties, thank god). I switched victims to the most vocal domme, her turn to spread the love of overacting intestines. And then they knew it was me...
I was catching my breath in rl, my tummy hurting of laughter, as the outrage started towards me. They got into staff chat to discuss the incredibly disrespect and humiliation I brought to them and their sub. Believe me, I was speechless. I know it is not classy to fart at a rl party, but damn, this is SL, it's virtual, we are all sitting on our computer, the only fart we can smell is our own. All I wanted was a good laugh.

They informed me that they would decide the next day what was done to me, so I grabbed my sub's leash and left. The next day it got spiced up with some chatter and I realized they are too stuck up and too serious for me to spend my fun time with.

Never the less I miss their sim and their events, for all those of you who take it serious and are 40+, it's a really great place, go visit them here and say Charlotte said hi!


Two Fish

The beautiful Art sim of Rose Borchovski, you can visit here in Second Life...
I am already in love with Susa Bubble.

 She made a nice collection of machinima too...