XXX Story: Snow White

You all know the story of Snow White, the beautiful little princess, expelled by her evil stepmother, who found a new home in a little house with seven dwarfs. How she cooked and cleaned and washed for these little men?
Charlotte shakes her head.
Let me tell you what really happened there...

Duo Osmose

L'amour physique est sans issue. Je vais, je vais et je viens


'Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, he stands by my bed,
The ways I might use him all fly through my head.
His body is mine and he jumps at my touch,
And I can’t help but maul him, I want him so much.
His clothes are all flung to the floor without care.
Goddamn, I just love it when his ass is bare.
Me in my leather and him in the nude,
He has no choice and I’m in the mood.
Pushed to the mattress, he’s naked and prone,
At the very first strike, he starts to moan.
“Shut the fuck up, boy, act like a man,”
And I warm up his ass with the palm of my hand.
The sound of the flogger on the back of his thighs,
Almost drowns out my reward of hearing his cries.
I am nearly lightheaded as he begs for more,
And I give it to him ’til I know he is sore.
Just freshly beaten, his ass is still red,
But he says not a word as he’s tied to the bed.
The toys are all ready, laid out on the shelf,
But I make him watch as I play with myself.
He watches and wants, but says “thank you, miss,”
I lean down to his face and grant him a kiss.
I love him this way, so polite and so sweet,
He’s often a darling, after he’s beat.
The sweetness and violence, it makes my head numb,
And I want nothing more from him than to come.
The toys on the bed, I push them aside,
I mount his cock, and go for a ride.
My hands on his chest, I fuck his cock,
I come so quickly, it’s nearly a shock.
Once, twice, and three times I came,
Just how I like it–he is screaming my name.
I hold his cock and tell him he’s mine,
It’s moments like these I know we’ll be fine.
Curling around him, this just feels right.
Merry Christmas, my friends, and to all, a good night.

Shared from Dumb Domme 12/2011



Took me a while, but here it is:
A mesh table that combines all my fantasies in one. The ultimate teasing converted to pixels.
Packed up for you...
Try it out here or buy it here


This is the reason:

why I don't want SL to be real, why I don't want your pictures or to know you in rl.
You just killed my erection. Hihi.


The Trap and the contract.

[12:25] Incoming message from JoeyHult Resident
[12:25] JoeyHult: Hello Mis Charlotte......
[12:25] JoeyHult: how are you?
[12:25] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: hey
[12:25] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: good

[12:26] JoeyHult: good to hear.....
[12:26] JoeyHult: so.......
[12:26] JoeyHult: if I can ask...... in what cool place are you now, dear?
[12:26] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: no you can not ask :)
[12:27] JoeyHult: an "intimate" moment so.... ? ;-)
[12:27] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: nosy man
[12:27] JoeyHult: Ohhhh hope you'll not punish me...... , Miss.....
[12:28] JoeyHult: you know... your...... punishments......... are a little frightening to me.......
[12:29] JoeyHult: (I'm rp a little... I hope I'm not really disturbing you.... ;-))
[12:39] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: is your rlv on?
[12:40] JoeyHult: restrained love viewer?
[12:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: yes
[12:40] JoeyHult: uhmmm I'm installing it... now I'm still running on firestorm.....
[12:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: it is in firestorm
[12:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: ctrl alt d
[12:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Advanced

[12:41] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: and at bottom Restrained Love API enable and relog
[12:43] JoeyHult: done.... will relog in a min......
[12:43] Second Life: JoeyHult is offline.
[12:44] Second Life: JoeyHult is online.

[12:44] JoeyHult: back.......
[12:44] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: wb
[12:44] JoeyHult: I'm a bit scared of what could happen to me now......
[12:45] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ grins evily
[12:45] JoeyHult: -shivers a little-
[12:47] JoeyHult: I even put on my opencollar......
[12:47] JoeyHult: -click- ... and unlocked it......-
[12:47] Second Life: Teleport offer sent to JoeyHult.
[12:48] JoeyHult: Ohhhhhh
[12:48] JoeyHult: Hello Miss Charlotte......
[12:48] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: hey
[12:48] JoeyHult: -voice trembling a little-
[12:48] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: your rlv is not on
[12:49] JoeyHult: really... I  clicked on "RLV"
[12:49] JoeyHult: where am I?
[12:50] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: it was lagging :)
[12:50] JoeyHult: Whhhatt... whhat is this?
[12:50] JoeyHult: I know.. it's a cage but......
[12:51] JoeyHult: hheyyyy I cannn't move!!!!!!
[12:52] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ looks down and grins
[12:53] JoeyHult: -notice your evil look- whhhaaat do you want ot do, Charlotte?
[12:53] JoeyHult: -voice trembling a little-
[12:53] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you gonna shut up
[12:54] JoeyHult: ohhhhhhhhh.......
[12:54] JoeyHult: (My inventory!!!!! are you looking inside it???!!!!)
[12:54] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ shakes her head
[12:55] JoeyHult: (breathe a little..... at least she cannot took out his... "weird" things.....)
[12:56] JoeyHult: hheyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
[12:56] JoeyHult: you cannot leave me looked inside this cage!!!!!!!
[12:56] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ does not hear you scream
[12:57] JoeyHult: ohhhh please Charlotte....... you cannot really doing me that!
[12:57] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: are you begging now?
[12:57] JoeyHult: please Charlotte........ plleezzee.......-whining a little-
[12:58] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: is that a tear I see?
[12:58] JoeyHult: -sniff-
[12:58] JoeyHult: ohh no... please .....
[12:58] JoeyHult: please Charlotte!!!!!
[12:58] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ giggles
[12:58] JoeyHult: -whining again-
[12:59] JoeyHult: I'mm.......-sniff- a..... nice boy........
[12:59] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: no you are not, you are an annoying little short dick prick
[12:59] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ smiles
[12:59] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: and now you are punished for that
[13:00] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ watches you cry and enjoys it
[13:00] JoeyHult: OHHHH no....... that's not........ real!.. THAT'S NOT REAL!!!!!
[13:01] JoeyHult: it'sss only a.... nightmare.... I just need to... wake up.......
[13:01] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ giggles and pinches your nose to make sure you realize its not a nightmare
[13:01] JoeyHult: OUCH!!!!
[13:02] JoeyHult: ohh no.... NOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!
[13:03] JoeyHult: -speak to himself- wellll if she was able to put me inside that..... there should be also a way out......
[13:03] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ laughs
[13:03] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ shakes her head
[13:03] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: no Hult you are stuck
[13:03] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you will have to convince me
[13:03] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: so start saying things I like

[13:04] JoeyHult: ohhhhh sure Miss.......
[13:04] JoeyHult: please miss Charlotte....... -trying to show his sweatest eyes...... to....... move you-
[13:04] JoeyHult: I..... ask you......
[13:05] JoeyHult: implore you.......
[13:05] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: ask?
[13:05] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: maybe I should gag that filthy mouth
[13:05] JoeyHult: ooh noo... please....... -screming eyes-
[13:06] JoeyHult: I... ... suffer a little claustrophobia....... please........ free me......
[13:06] JoeyHult: for my........ mind health....
[13:06] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ giggles
[13:06] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you gonna get crazy?
[13:06] JoeyHult: -thinks- DAMMNNN she's a..... crazy, insane sadist!!!!!
[13:07] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ giggles
[13:07] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: shut up or I pee on you
[13:07] JoeyHult: I'l start to... hyperventilating........
[13:07] JoeyHult: heath running.......
[13:07] JoeyHult: sweating hard......
[13:07] JoeyHult: and... after all.. screaming!!!!!
[13:07] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I give you 3 seconds to shut up
[13:08] JoeyHult: .............
[13:08] JoeyHult: -he closes his mouth... hoping she'll calm down a little.....
[13:08] JoeyHult: -think...... ok... let's see waht she want from me......
[13:09] JoeyHult: -she said...... "start saying things I like".........
[13:09] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ smiles
[13:09] JoeyHult: -but........ what does she likes?
[13:09] JoeyHult: -uhmmmmmmmmmmmm
[13:09] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ taps her foot
[13:09] JoeyHult: -I need to move quick-
[13:09] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you can't
[13:09] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ smiles
[13:10] JoeyHult: ........almost whispering- please... please Mistress...........
[13:10] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: how much money you got Hult?
[13:10] JoeyHult: I......-swallows..... and takes a long breath- I beg you......
[13:11] JoeyHult: :-OOOOO -thinks- ohhh she'll rape my wallet like the other bitch!
[13:11] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ smiles and looks at you
[13:11] JoeyHult: -think- Too bad.... two in few days...... I have to be more .... careful.....
[13:12] JoeyHult: ehmm...... at the moment.... I'm......-almost closing his eyes- .....pennyless.......
[13:12] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ grumbles and kicks against the cage
[13:12] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Ok
[13:12] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I will solve that

[13:12] JoeyHult: -trembles feeling the cage hurted.....
[13:12] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I will make pics of your cock
[13:12] JoeyHult: :-OOOOO
[13:12] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: that tiny little horrible smelly cock
[13:12] JoeyHult: NO!!!!!
[13:13] JoeyHult: too doo..... what?
[13:13] JoeyHult: selling them to whom?
[13:13] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: omg
[13:13] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ laughs
[13:13] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you think someone wants to buy pics of your cock?
[13:13] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: omg hahahaaa
[13:13] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: No

[13:13] JoeyHult: -whines a little-
[13:13] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I take pics of your cock and you bring me money or I will post them on my blog
[13:14] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: so everyone knows JoeyHult is Mr2inchCock

[13:14] JoeyHult: Ohhhh no.... please no.......
[13:14] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Yes yes yes
[13:14] JoeyHult: -scream and closes his ears-
[13:15] JoeyHult: -but soon regain a little composture-
[13:15] JoeyHult: -thinks... ok.. calm down........ if she open the cage...... you'll be able to run.....
[13:15] JoeyHult: ....ok, Miss.....
[13:16] JoeyHult: you..... can... do that.......
[13:16] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ stares at your face
[13:16] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: what am I gonna do with you
[13:17] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I didn't know you didn't have money
[13:17] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I need to punish you harder

[13:17] JoeyHult: noo I really have no money........
[13:17] JoeyHult: I spent all... in the new outfits........
[13:17] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: let's make a contract
[13:17] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: new outfits
[13:18] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ giggles

[13:18] JoeyHult: uhh?
[13:18] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you and I are gonna make a contract
[13:18] JoeyHult: tell me.. Miss Charlotte......
[13:19] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: You gonna have to find a way to make money
[13:20] JoeyHult: ... tremble a little.......
[13:20] JoeyHult: whhat.... kind of way?
[13:20] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: so you can come and pay me because I talked to you
[13:20] JoeyHult: working for you?
[13:20] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you owe me a lot
[13:20] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: are you good at sucking cock?

[13:20] JoeyHult: ohhhh noo....... absolutely not!!!
[13:20] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ sighs
[13:21] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: what are you good at?
[13:21] JoeyHult: well...... I'm..... good.......to.. pole dance for ladies.... -blushes very much-
[13:22] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I don't know Joey but in my world poledancers look handsome
[13:22] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you think you are handsome?

[13:22] JoeyHult: uhmmm yes... -little pout face- don't you think I'm?
[13:22] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you want my girlfriends to laugh at me with my ugly poledancer?????
[13:22] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ kicks against the cage
[13:23] JoeyHult: uhghhhhh!!!!!!
[13:24] JoeyHult: I didn't know you had gf........
[13:24] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: girlfriends nasty little pervert
[13:24] JoeyHult: Ohhhhhhh........
[13:25] JoeyHult: welll.. some old cougar... wanted me.... do... odd things.......
[13:25] JoeyHult: like shaving all my body...... and.. put on......
[13:26] JoeyHult: -swallows blushing hard-
[13:26] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: some old cougar?
[13:26] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Is that how you talk about women????

[13:26] JoeyHult: ohhhh sorry..... SORRY!!!!!
[13:26] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ releases a jar of ants
[13:27] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ watches them crawl slowly to your face
[13:27] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: what do you say when you talk about a Lady?
[13:27] JoeyHult: I meant... some... mature yet..... very..... pretty lady.......
[13:27] JoeyHult: ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[13:28] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: if I ever hear you talk disrespectful again I will let them eat you alive
[13:28] JoeyHult: wanted me do... "strange things" for her......
[13:28] JoeyHult: ohh sure........
[13:28] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: her you type with a capital
[13:28] JoeyHult: lI'll remember.....
[13:29] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: take off your cloths
[13:29] JoeyHult: ok.. Miss....
[13:30] JoeyHult: (Uhmmm I cannot acces to my inventory....
[13:30] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ grins
[13:30] JoeyHult: (OHH NO... firneds are calling me!!!!)
[13:30] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: maybe you should invite them
[13:31] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ smiles
[13:31] JoeyHult: *** IM blocked by sender's viewer
[13:32] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: come on teleport your friends
[13:32] JoeyHult: JoeyHult (busy reponse): The Resident you messaged is prevented from reading your instant messages at the moment, please try again later.
[13:32] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: teleport your friends
[13:32] JoeyHult: you're........ perfidiuos!!!!!
[13:32] JoeyHult: well is not a friend... is a ... client.......
[13:33] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: teleport your client
[13:33] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: he can pay me to release you

[13:33] JoeyHult: Ohh no.. please........ it's soo weird.......
[13:33] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: weird hihi
[13:34] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you don't want people to see what a pervert you are?

[13:34] JoeyHult: yes...... please.........
[13:34] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: what is your clients name?
[13:34] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I have a picture for him

[13:34] JoeyHult: it's not him..... is a "she".....
[13:34] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: her name
[13:35] JoeyHult: sob...... Awesome me.......
[13:35] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ laughs
[13:35] JoeyHult: please don't......
[13:36] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: please don't WHAT?
[13:36] JoeyHult: don't block my viewer......
[13:36] JoeyHult: she is saying that she's aunable to see my Im.....
[13:36] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: are you begging me?
[13:36] JoeyHult: yes......
[13:36] JoeyHult: I'm begging you!!!1
[13:37] JoeyHult: please  maybe.. she can give me some gift.....
[13:37] JoeyHult: money gift... I meant.....
[13:37] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Send her a notecard and ask her for money
[13:37] JoeyHult: JoeyHult (busy reponse): The Resident you messaged is prevented from reading your instant messages at the moment, please try again later.
[13:37] JoeyHult: BASTARD!!!!!!!!
[13:37] JoeyHult: OPSS:..........
[13:37] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: Send her a notecard and ask her for money
[13:38] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: did you just call me bastard Hult?

[13:38] JoeyHult: Ohh no.... I was refferiing ... to a... hook in the cage.....
[13:38] JoeyHult: No   she's gone!!!!! -SOB-
[13:38] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ laughs
[13:38] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: nice friends you have
[13:39] JoeyHult: they are cliet... not friends.....
[13:39] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: what kind of business you have?
[13:40] JoeyHult: i told you....... I... entertain them...
[13:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: are you serious?
[13:40] JoeyHult: yess.....
[13:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: there is a woman that pays you to entertain her?
[13:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you*
[13:40] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: with your ugly face and your laughable penis?

[13:41] JoeyHult: I dn't ask directly..... but.. after all.. if she's satisfied...... she'll me a gift....
[13:41] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ laughs out loud
[13:41] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: are you on drugs Hult?
[13:41] JoeyHult: noooo.....
[13:42] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: We gonna make a contract
[13:42] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: tomorrow you come here same time with 1000L

[13:42] JoeyHult: tell me.....
[13:42] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: if not...
[13:42] JoeyHult: ohhhhhh
[13:42] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: you will sit in the cage ALL night and then...
[13:42] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I post a pic of you on my blog

[13:42] JoeyHult: ohh noooooo noooooooooo!!!!!!
[13:42] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: yes yes yes
[13:43] JoeyHult: that's sooo embarassing!!!!!
[13:43] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ nods
[13:43] JoeyHult: you'll ruin my business.....
[13:43] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: so you will have to entertain ladies all night to get that kind of money
[13:43] JoeyHult: -sobs-
[13:44] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: maybe start a new business: laugh at my dick for 10L
[13:44] JoeyHult: -whines out loud-
[13:44] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ smiles
[13:44] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ opens the cage

[13:44] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: get out
[13:45] JoeyHult: ouufff.......
[13:45] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: tomorrow same time Hult
[13:45] JoeyHult: these ants were scary........
[13:45] JoeyHult: -swallows-
[13:45] JoeyHult: ok......
[13:45] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: how many pairs of socks do you have in your pants?
[13:46] JoeyHult: -raging grin-
[13:46] JoeyHult: you're not humorous......
[13:46] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ raises an eyebrow
[13:46] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: don't get me angry
[13:47] JoeyHult: okk... sorry Miss...... please let me go...
[13:47] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: go!
[13:47] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: tomorrow same time

[13:47] JoeyHult: thanks
[13:47] ღ Chαrlσttє ღ: I'll be waiting


That precious moment...

When you hold your breath and your pupils change the color of your eyes.
When your testicles dance in your sack
and your shaft flexes.
When your cockhead expands and darkens
and the little slit opens like a fish mouth coming up for air.
That split second that time stops.
That precious moment.
When I see you collapse.
Sweet ecstasy. 



Having a baby in SL

Babies and toddlers. In rl I am a wanted babysitter, I loooove babies. When I played The Sims my families were huge and when I logged in SL the first time it was something I looked for immediately. Back then babies were ~ugh~ hideous static prims so I said no to parenthood. Now Zooby sells babies that come fairly close.

Two days ago I adopted one. Her name is Amélie and she looks adorable. Woot woot, my Barbie has her own perfect baby now, I "played" with her for hours. As breed-able pets are a huge success in SL, Zooby added a comparable system to their babies.
Bottles, diapers, baby wash, furniture and many other accessories allow you to keep your baby happy and save up tokens to pay for their toys. To "level" up the baby you need to buy stars and apply it, your baby learns something new as soon as the time period of the star passes. More expensive stars speed up that process.

She makes cute noises and has none of the annoying things rl babies do: crying, drooling, smelly poo. It's a lot of fun, but it's a true money sink. Everything is heavily overpriced, some things are just ridiculous, like the Baby Snuggle Mat, 600L$ for a no-copy sculpty mat with an ugly texture, 4 poseballs with hover txt (i mean 2012 and poseballs wih hovertxt?). But is a business and they own the market so if you decide to make your avatar a parent make sure you got some cash to spend.


Aero Pines Park

If you love horse riding like me you can also try it in SL. First I bought me a horse. I can attach it to my avatar so I can ride it everywhere because no need to rez unless using the saddle for passengers.
Then I looked for places in SL that have nice trails for horse riding and I found Aero Pines Park, 9 sims of pine forest. You can use a free horsy there but can also enjoy other nice things, like ride a horse carriage,  sledge, even an air balloon. At the moment the sim is in full winter decoration, it's just awesome to wander around at the many spots to visit. Go here and explore yourself.


XXX Story: Slave for a day...

No, I did not write this one myself, it's written by Flipshot and it's *pant pant* steamy hot!

I left a card on your pillow one morning before leaving for work. There was no special occasion or anything like that, just a card to tell you how much I love you. The card said simply: You are my life, I love you very much, do with this gift as you like. The gift? Inside the card was another smaller card that said, "I will be your slave for one day. Whatever you want, whatever your heart desires, I will fulfill it for you. Love, Your Husband, David."

I left for work that morning with a smile on my face, I knew you would get a kick out of your present and would put it to good use. The next day was our day off together, another reason why I left you the card today. It gave you all day long to plan for it, to decide exactly how your special day would unfold. I looked forward to coming home that night and being handed one of your tidy little lists of exactly how you wanted the next day to start, as I would be up before you. You told me that I was to follow that list to the letter until you gave me further instructions, and that I would be punished in some form if I did not. I asked what that punishment might be, but all you would say was that I would find out if I failed in anyway.


Another wallpaper: Love is the answer

Change your desktop to a blackboard



Don't. Touch. My. Computer!

You know that creepy feeling when someone else gets on your computer sniffing out your stuffs?
Made a wallpaper for you to handle the culprits dommelette wise. Enjoy!

Touch to open high resolution and right-click Save As... 


Maika's Fetish Café

"Eclectically decorated, FemDom themed cafe and bar. Relax, meet friends, enjoy the music stream."

Owned by Maika Slavicz, this little femdom café is a display of her eye for detail, lots of Japanese made stuff gives it a very "real" feel. The ideal place to take your subby out. Find it here... Love it!


Woot Woot Wardrobe!

You know how annoying it is to sort your inventory and outfits, trying to remember what looks like what? No more! I found something that warps you back in time: dress/undress Barbie endlessly! 
(CTS) Wardrobe: Organize your outfits with style! A visual inventory organizer.
See my wardrobe here


Venus in Lace

My sweet Venus in white lace
bound tight to the warm earth 
 by the silken cords of desire 
burning passion's chains 
bind her wrapped 
round her racing heart 
My goddess and slave of love
 she wakes the hungery beast 
that by her touch may tame 
she bends it's will to her needs 
she softly calls out my name 
warm as a summer breeze 
she beckons me come closer 
an invitation to worship 
deep her flawless alabaster temple 
in that secret perfumed grotto
 heaven nestled safe 
between those smooth and graceful 
twin pillars of her supple thighs 
to drink my fill of ambrosia
 made drunk by that spring 
flowing so pure for me alone

 W. I. Boucher December 23, 2003


Bend over, my lover.

Without asking I enter
Your lair and push it in
Giving you all I want
Moaning holding you still
I enter bliss
and leak my nectar 


My virtual paradise...

I moved to one of the residential sims of Debauchery (check out those prices!) and my old broken house is up at 500m in it's original state but I also made me a little wellness/meditation center at ground level. The set up is called Tiki Tattoo - 2010 HALAWAY Zen set made by Hatzfeld Runo.
It is low prim and looks amazing, the only thing that really sucks about it is the animations and the way they are set up (watch your guest click a pillow upstairs and end up downstairs in the sauna), so adding my own animations.
Virtual but still nice to see our avatars in a scenery like that. Can almost hear the waves! Wait! I do. Added ambient sound. Hihi.
Feel free to come visit here 


Let me smother you with something exciting!

Made. Prom scripted. Latex. Leather. Colors. Packaged. Posted.
Go buy here



A field of cock

Imagine how it would feel to lay naked in a field of cock, feeling the warm, throbbing, mushroom heads everywhere on my body. All sizes and all colors softly twitching in the air waiting for my touch. The thought just made me curl my toes.


Wanna be my toybox?

What's in the toy box?
What's in the box?
There's a one-eyed ted
And a ball that's red.
That's what's in the toy box!
That's what's in the box!



Villa Debauchery

"Debauchery is dedicated to the pleasure of Dominant Women and those who serve them.  Come explore your kinky nature, be that Dominant or submissive or both, in an open, accepting and relaxed atmosphere."

Thanks Arc, for teleporting me!
Landed in the middle of a party, Arc was playing some nice trance tunes and the Ladies and their subs were dancing, another beautiful femdom place where you are welcomed in a warm, friendly manner. (Miss Marion's) Tinker (aschren) is the owner and he rocks. Visit here


My first hater!

I have a hater ... I've arrived! Yes! Finally! I've achieved Internet relevance.
Wait. No I haven't. But it kind of felt like that for a minute. Hihi!

A message sent by an alt... Read the voice of reason: 

"[10:58] Crysanthemum: (Saved Sun Oct 21 23:35:04 2012)Your moronic comments about femdom and what you think is right or wrong is getting redundant. Obviously you are dying to be accepted at Dominon. No? You are obsessed, that's for sure. Who are you fooling?

And your facetious blog is so self-indulgent; somehow someone told you you were clever (your mother?) and you have never forgotten it.

Let's move on: your profile is another vacuous mess and your constant comments about age defy any sort of reasonable explanation. Perhaps you should turn your ridiculous striped stockinged legs towards the door and go out and live a "non-pixelated" life. It will do you good. I doubt many people there will put up with your incessant self-aggrandizing bullshit. Maybe you can hook up with a real life doormat such as your witty "subbage" group in SL. Does all that adoration make your grown-up panties wet?

Knock that chip off your shoulder, silly girl. You are becoming a parody of yourself."


Thanks so much for reading my profile, my blog and caring enough to comment.


Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery...

The 8th edition of Tomorrowland. 27, 28 and 29 July 2012. more than 180,000 visitors (your dommelette one of them). more than 400 artists...

"We are bodies of subatomic particles, notes on tiny violin strings, the universe is a symphony and the mind of God is cosmic music resonating through hyperspace."  Michio Kaku 

We are music, we are love!  For you: the Tomorrowland after movie 2012


Ecstasy Under Her

"Namio Harukawa, the most remarkable artist in Japan who draws female domination images,
was born in 1932, in Osaka, Japan. During a half century, he has been drawing the sadistic
plump beauties. Characteristic images of his drawings are many many scenes of face-sitting,
forcing a manslave to lick the private parts, and using a manslave's mouth as a toilet."

(from Museum of Femdom Art)

At this special exhibition Ecstasy Under Her, 916 drawings by Namio Harukawa
are exhibited. Almost of those images are width 700 pixel or more,@big and high quality.
Here you can see a some (although these are mere part) of the special exhibition. Enjoy!!


The Dark Swamp- Nysterious Wave

Mysterious Wave is an immersive, minimalist exhibition filled with surreal artworks by the Mysterious Wave team including artists Cherry Manga and Anley Piers.


Help, can't find a Mistress!

I bet you have heard this cry a dozen times too. Today I was explaining another guy how to boost his chances and I thought by myself let me post this so you can all read it.

First things first: What does your avatar look like?
If you take a look around you and see who are the men that are so fortunate to kneel at dommes' feet: their avatar always looks handsome and taken care of.
Want to please me, please my eyeballs first.


Le petit déjeuner est servi

I have what you want and I am gonna make you choke on it

Halloween Shopping

Pumpkin Time! Need to decorate for Halloween?
I found this awesome place Bentham Manor by Lauren Bentham in the destination guide. 
Step in this dark fantasy fairy tale and meet a variety of wonderland creatures... The ambiance of the scenery is perfect for Halloween but also if you are making a mystery forest or garden, spooky but also cute.


New XXX Story: Pushing your buttons.

When I walk in the office, your turn your head and smile, your hand reaches for me as you wheel back your desk-chair inviting me on your lap. Mmmm. It feels so good to hug you. Our mouths hungry for each other. Tongue on tongue. Teasingly I wiggle my ass on the bulge in your pants. Your hands all over me. Grabbing and grinding.

This is the right moment.

My hands on your face, holding your head. I look in your eyes, my lips parted. "I want to give you the most intense orgasm ever!" You smile. Your face a question. 

Strict Venus

Here, a nice femdom sim for all you subbage:
Strict Venus
Beautiful place. Nice, friendly, polite Ladies. Looks like the grass is greener here, boys! *winks*
Visit here. Take a look at their blog.

"Strict Venus is a Femdom land where Safe Sane Consensual (and fun) are the basic rules, along with Respect for the other(s)."


A billion wicked thoughts.

 The Book on Sex

"Want to know what really turns your partner on? A Billion Wicked Thoughts offers the clearest picture ever of the differences between male and female sexuality and the teeming diversity of human desire. What makes men attracted to images and so predictable in their appetites? What makes the set up to a romantic evening so important for a woman? Why are women’s desires so hard to predict? Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam reveal the mechanics of sexual relationships based on their extensive research into the mountains of new data on human behavior available in online entertainment and traffic around the world. Not since Alfred Kinsey in the 1950s has there been such a revolution in our knowledge of what is really going on in the bedroom. What Ogas and Gaddam learned, and now share, will deepen and enrich the way you, and your partner, think and talk about sex." Buy here !


I heart K-PoP

Master the new swag:
Oppa Gangnam Style
rofl @ 1:55
When this song gets stuck in your head it's hard to walk normal, I swear, every time I sing Open Condom Store, my hubby humps in the air. Domesticated! Yay!




More femdom Art: Sardax's member site delivers a wicked mix of original illustrations and classic watercolors, exciting, elegant and very perverse. The official page and here you can take a look for free.



In this exhibition 15 avatars with their real life dreams written next to their portraits.
By looking and reading those one gets aware of the deep contrast between virtual persona and the reality. Behind those handsome avatars with snotty animation over-riders and taunting profiles which our brain often perceives as young, joyful and confident, hide vulnerable human beings with each their own insecurity, pain and problems. I promised myself to be nicer to people online.

Very touching. Visit here



I watch your face.
that stubborn look in your eyes.
The nervous twitch 
of your supple upper lip.

I wait patiently
like a spider 
in her web.


Take my hand...

"Take my Hand.... and make a choice.."

Found Jasper's Cove in the destination guide.. if you love roleplay, this sim is eye candy. Everything is there to make your story happen.
Read here for more information.



I made this movie, but because it has children in it I wont post it on my blog, go watch it here...


Bedtime Story for You...

I am gone for a week and your dommelette will write you a bedtime story... for when 
t h i n g s  get hard!
After I ordered you to undress and sit in my chair, I tie your wrists together behind the back of the chair, your ankles at the feet of the chair.
So nicely displayed for me.

Stuff No One Told me

Visit Alfred Noriega's comic-blog Stuff No One Told Me
Life's interesting truths brought in a funny and incredibly cute way.
He also has a sketch blog you find the link (read, find, lazy dawnuts!)


A dommelab Top for you!

Made this on Friday, a rigged mesh top, with high quality texture (looks like two pieces but it's one), take a look at it here ...
If you buy it rate me stars I rate you back ♥♥♥♥♥ 

The sweetest peach of summer

Full, soft lips part
ever so slightly,
barely baring hints of
pearl-white teeth and
the tip of twisting tongue beneath.
Nostrils flare and mouth waters
at the sweet, succulent scent,
and hungry eyes devour
the flesh bared to him
before the first taste,
as longing lips are wetted
with a snaking, languorous lick.
Meeting soft, yielding flesh
clad in downy fuzz,
his moistened lips part fully
to form a perfect seal,
a soft, suckling grip,
that not a drop of
honeyed nectar might escape
his hungry mouth
and laving tongue.
He draws his prize in
forcefully, but slowly,
against searching teeth,
gently biting down on
tender, sweet flesh,
savoring the flood of
syrupy, sweet juices
filling his mouth
pooling in his throat
and filling his senses,
his mind cleared of all
but this exquisite bliss -
The sweetest peach of summer.


Pillows for da subbage!

Was browsing marketplace for nice pillows for my subs to sit on, I could not find a nice modify one with good animations, they looked too big, too bright, so I decided to make some myself.
Go check them on Marketplace here.


Sean Ryan aka Skye Galaxy

Sometimes I just hop from one group of green dots on the map to another and by pure coincidence I landed in a sim that was hosting the performance of a live singer, Skye Galaxy.
Many times when I hear people sing in their mic, I feel embarrassed for them, asking myself why none of their friends have the guts to just say: please, don't sing unless you are under the shower.
And then Sean Ryan aka Skye Galaxy... his voice is exquisitely d-lish and his singing swept me out of my socks. He is 22y old from Dallas, Texas, a talent that breaks out of SL. His group in SL is Skye High and go listen to him one time...


Torture never seemed so sweet

And so I wonder what it is that you do that makes this urge seem out of control
Torture never seemed so sweet, naughty never tasted so good
Is it the brain fuck that you so exquisitely provide?
Is it the choice of words so vivid in colors?

You pick the colors that accent your figure like many you find fault
But from my vantage point you are flawless. 
An imperfection could never be more of a turn-on
The outfit says "take me" but the question is where?
Out on the town, to the moon or somewhere in between

I can only guess what grabs your mind much to timid to ask
"Do you feel like I do" is it possible for you to be so consumed
Stricken with the need to let go and strike body against body
Like a battle royal in classical music, violin versus cello
A battle which finds two in euphoric release, is this two much to ask
For our first time to draw eyes to eyes hand to hand, lips to lips

Will I regret keeping locked up the wicked thoughts of your lips
Taking a tour around my physique the same for me, admittedly preoccupied

For those spots that make you moan I want to take my time with the flavor
And draw you out in a fevered need knowing that penetration will be divine
So I will stay humble but not sure how long and be content with a goodnight kiss
Slow and sure that lingers before we part subtle in the suggestion there will be more...
A poem from the internet sent to me by one of my sub men.
Thank you!