Nano Sub

For you to be so small I can carry you in my pocket, keep you under my pillow.
Use you to scratch my itchy places, sit on you and feel you wriggle under my ass.
French kiss your whole head and lick up and down my little candy.
Rub your tiny body over my puffy pussy lips.
Slide you inside me so you can drum my g-spot with both your fists.
Yes, that would please me...
Maybe you should go find a bottle with "Drink Me" down the rabbit hole.


It's cause you're mine!

Belgian group Oscar and the wolf with my favorite song of the moment: You're mine!
*dances slowly for her baby son and makes him giggle*



Between the cooking and the cleaning...  


Perfect idea!

Your tiny tim locked up in a cage while you probe my little cave of wonders with something sized "enjoyably". Ha! #stopcryingandpushitrealgood


50 shades of Grey

There is no escaping the 50 shades of grey hype. I tried the book and now the movie. The only thing in the book that sparked my interest was the fact that Christian Grey had been submissive for 6 years and had been sodomized by "Mrs. Robinson". So when all the girls in the theater were swooning about actor Jamie Dornan dominating Anastasia Steel, all I could think about was how he would look like tied to my bed and the shift in his famous gaze when I show him my xxxl dildo. Oh my! 


I am back!

It's good to open this blog and see even with being away for more than a month you guys (and girls) are still reading. Thank you!
Having a child is an earth-shattering event and I spill over of excitement and love for my baby, yet this is not the place for it. This blog is the dommelette, an important part of my personality. So after this no more baby stuff but more of the usual wicked, kinky stuff you all love me for :D
Just let you peek one time at the new man in my life, born on July 11 2014.


Our secret lives

I was thinking by myself this week if the people around me would know about my secret life, what would they think about me? They love me and some of them are my friends since kindergarten en yet I can not tell them I love dominating men and make them squeal and beg.
And then I thought, what if everyone has their own secrets?
What if the friendly guy at the bank in tie and suit is someone who likes to crawl around on his knees wearing a leather mask? It made me chuckle and my fantasy go wild.
I want everyone to be bdsm dudes (except my mom and dad, ugh!)


Entwined with you

Your chest, my heart, your face, my lips, your fingers, my hand. 
Our souls, our bodies, our minds connected. 
Thriving, breathing, growing on closeness and distance.
On words of love, soft sighs and silence.
You are mine, I am yours. 
Entwined with you.
And you with me.


Fap Time!

Science suggests people who watch porn have smaller brains

Interesting article! Men who watch porn have smaller brains.
"German researchers studied a group of 64, composed of males aged 21 to 45. In the brains of the people who watch porn, the researchers found that the striatum — a portion of the brain related to processing rewards — is smaller. In this case, reward influences motivation, rather than someone being able to figure out, for example, the literal result of completing a task."
(read full article here)
Should I stop finding the right porn for you horny knuckle draggers? Na-ah!
I want to make sure your striatum motivates you to come and read my blog. The usual reward: fap-fap-fap!
I think this study is a joke because 64 men? And what if bigger brain men are just better at lying about watching porn? And what about women?